Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OREOs to Have, Share and Play With!

Whenever I go to the grocery to buy food, one item is almost always there - kids' snacks. As I head off to the aisle with all the biscuits and cookies, there is one thing for sure that will be thrown into my grocery cart - OREOs!

Now, my kids' favorite snack pack is here for everyone to have, share and play with!

You can enjoy OREOs, share FREE packs with your family and friends, and bond while playing the OREO games!

It's simple!  Just visit and REGISTER.

Once you're registered, you'll be able to experience the OREO fun:

1. Claim your very own FREE OREO PACKS (you will get a GC like the one below in your email and you can print it out to claim your 3 OREO packs from your designated 7-Eleven branch);

2. Send these very same OREO packs to all the people you know. There's an easy way on the site to automatically send the free OREOs to your contacts on different email providers and social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and more; and

3. Play the different OREO games on the site and get a chance to win more prizes as well as the chance to experience what it's like to become a human OREO.

With OREO, you don't just get to twist, lick and dunk OREOs yourself. You get to share this fun with everyone else as well!

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