Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrate a Toblerone Valentine

Running out of great ideas for Valentine?

Toblerone has come up with different ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your special one. You can continue to celebrate V-Day with this love triangle chocolate-y sweetness.

Log on to (the Toblerone Fan page) where a community of like-minded, chocolate lovers can share their thoughts on different V-day traditions and gift ideas making it easier for singles and couples to share the sweetness of February. Check out what you can do while on that page:

Would You Date Your Bestfriend?

Answer this and you could win. Here are the simple Toblerone mechanics, as posted on their FB wall: Here's a hard-hitting, reality-facing, heart-to-heart question for you guys: Seriously, will you consider dating your bestfriend? Yes or No- and why? Share us your answers and you might just win one of three(3) limited edition Toblerone bars for Valentine's Day! Don't forget to tag us TobleronePilipinas !

Spread the Sweetness

Which is your loved one's favorite Toblerone: Milk Chocolate, White, Dark, Fruit & Nut or all? Go to the "Spread the Sweetness" tab to get to the Toblerone Gifting Application which will allow you to do just this.


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Play a little game of Cupid this season by trying out Toblerone’s matchmaking application. This fun, online application lets you mix and match buddies online to check their compatibility and romantic potential. 


And there's more!

On Feb. 11, there will be a "for singles" event. Head on to UNO Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar at San Miguel By the Bay at 7pm as Toblerone, in partnership with Thinkpadd and UNO Pizzeria, hosts a Valentine’s Day speed dating exclusive.

And while at the grocery, why don't you grab the limited-edition Valentine's Day Toblerone for your loved ones?

However you wish to celebrate Valentine's Day, Toblerone has got you covered.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delifrance's Sweet Valentine Pastries

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Delifrance has come out with four (4) sweet Valentine pastries.

(cinnamon rolls topped with vanilla custard swirl)

(muffins with strawberry and walnuts, topped with strawberry swirl)

(available in Strawberry Walnut and Mocha Walnut flavors)

(a crescent-shaped golden pastry, topped with chocolate and walnuts)