Friday, February 4, 2011

I have radio and TV on my iPad!

(Update: In a disappointing move, the latest update of Radio & TV Philippines deleted ANC from its list of TV streams without any explanations. I hope they bring this back because many of my friends bought the app precisely due to ANC content.)

I've had this app for some time now on my iPad and let me just say that this is one of the best $0.99 app purchases you can ever make if you're in the Philippines or just want to have access to Philippine radio/TV.

It was initially launched as Radyo Natin, developed by Rowel Atienza, but it's been recently changed to Radio and TV Philippines. It's a universal app so it will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The app streams AM/FM radio stations (wifi and 3G) and select TV channels (wifi only) to your iPad. You can also get online Pinoy music stations, world news stations (like Voice of America) and over 100 Christmas stations on it as well. In case of an emergency I know I can always tune in to radio or TV even when out of the house, as long as I have internet connection.

This app works in multitasking or background mode so even if you switch to another app, it does not disrupt the streaming. It even plays the audio stream in sleep mode or when your screen locks. And when internet connection is interrupted, the app reconnects automatically when internet is restored.

What made this app have even more value for my money was when a recent version upgrade included the ABS-CBN news channel, ANC. I tune in often to ANC for news and to follow live Congress/Senate hearings. What is better than having this channel on the go?

You can download the app for $0.99 from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by going to the App Store.


Meikah Delid said...

This is cool! Now all the more, I'm wishing for an iPAD. LOL

Jane said...

Meikah, it works on an iPod touch too! :-)