Saturday, April 19, 2014

When Skin meets Maidenform

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I always thought that I did not need to splurge on ladies' undergarments because it stayed tucked away and hidden anyway. So I always went for functionality, durability and price.

But after I received a sample of the Maidenform's Comfort Devotion collection (a bra and panty set), my skin got so much pampering that it dawned on me that if you had to wear something around all day (and night), extreme comfort goes a long way to extending your day. I know. I've worn shoes that looked fashionable but were so tortuous to the feet that halfway through the day, I was wiped out.

As soon as I held the Comfort Devotion undergarments in my hand -- oh my, heaven!!! Ang lambot! Grabeng lambot! This collection is meant to be luxurious - with carefully chosen plush fabrics and delicate trims to make its wearer feel sexy as it molds one's curves comfortably.

The Maidenform Comfort Devotion Demi Bra with matching panty.
Yes, you have to touch it to believe how soft it feels.

Front view (from Maidenform website)

Back view (from Maidenform website)
Shows smoothing wing with soft liner & leotard back for stay-put straps

Chef's Noodle's newest endorser is Sam Concepcion

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I first met him when he was still a teen-ager who, at that age, was already a bright, promising (and cute) boy among the summer cast of Trumpets. My daughter had taken the workshop with the group and usually at the end, they have a show to present what they learned. In one rehearsal, I got to meet him and have photos taken - with Sam Concepcion.

At the recent event of Chef's Noodle in Robinsons Magnolia, I once again saw Sam Concepcion - this time as Chef's Noodle's latest endorser. All grown-up now, with a girlfriend. And still very much...CUTE! :-)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fire Safety at Home with Solane

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It's no joke to experience a fire at home.

When I was in Grade 1, I came home with my yaya to find that our home had burned down. The fire started from a neighbor's home and crossed over to ours. It was December and we lost almost everything except the clothes on our back and a few things. That was the saddest Christmas our family ever had, with my siblings and I going around in oversized slippers lent by relatives and donated clothes. Since then, I've been really wary of fire-causing things and my gasul at home always has a safety device on it.

Solane (known previously as Shellane) has gone a step further in ensuring that its consumers are doubly protected against LPG-related home fires. They introduced an innovative safety cap and seal, the first of its kind in the LPG industry.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Goodbye, Pangingilo! (Tooth Sensitivity)

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I'm NGILO-phobic. ('Ngilo' is Filipino for tooth sensitivity)

Anyone who has drank cold water, eaten ice cream or chomped down on frozen desserts knows fully well what ngilo feels like. A sharp pain hits you as the nerves around your teeth react to the cold. I used to be one of those poor souls. And for someone who loves ice cream, this was just awful. Often, I'd wait for the ice cream to melt a bit so that I could spoon the liquid into my mouth with less chances of ngilo. And did you know that 9 out of 10 Filipinos (that's a whopping 88M Pinoys) suffer to some degree from tooth sensitivity? That's the majority of the populace!

Luis Manzano, Sensodyne's brand ambassador, shares my horrible experience because he, too suffers from tooth sensitivity. According to him, times like meetings and enjoyable social events are cut short because of pangingilo. "I just endure the pain so it doesn't ruin my day or my night out", he said during the event.