Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fire Safety at Home with Solane

It's no joke to experience a fire at home.

When I was in Grade 1, I came home with my yaya to find that our home had burned down. The fire started from a neighbor's home and crossed over to ours. It was December and we lost almost everything except the clothes on our back and a few things. That was the saddest Christmas our family ever had, with my siblings and I going around in oversized slippers lent by relatives and donated clothes. Since then, I've been really wary of fire-causing things and my gasul at home always has a safety device on it.

Solane (known previously as Shellane) has gone a step further in ensuring that its consumers are doubly protected against LPG-related home fires. They introduced an innovative safety cap and seal, the first of its kind in the LPG industry.

Here's a picture of an unused safety cap, together with a slide showing the different parts of the cap and seal and its features that make up a genuine Solane safety cap.

The safety cap up close

The most important part of this safety device is the round gas plug. This completely plugs the LPG tank to prevent leaks before installing the tank with a hose. With this cap on, the LPG tank is also protected from becoming a possible source of ignition. The entire cap and seal is not just ordinary plastic. It is made from high-grade plastic and can be reused by plugging and locking it in the LPG valve most specially when storing your LPG tank.

To ensure that customers can readily spot a genuine Solane safety cap and seal, it has other markings. One, each cap has a unique serial number. When you buy an LPG tank, you can actually check its authenticity by going to Solane's FB page, click on Apps, and use the Solane Authenticity Checker. Enter the serial number and you will be told if the tank came from a licensed Solane dealer. This guards you against any fake Solane gas tanks from unauthorized dealers.

Two other features mark a genuine Solane safety cap and seal -- an embossed "Solane" label as well as an embossed Flame Girl, the original symbol of Shellane carried over to Solane.

Another Facebook app, Solane Finder, helps you find the nearest Solane distributor in your area.

There are various other ways to order Solane:
1. Online: Go to
2. Telephone: Call 887-555 for home delivery within Metro Manila
3. SMS: Text its nationwide textline 0918-887-5555

Solane is also doing its civic contribution towards safety by partnering with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). Under this partnership, Solane will hold a series of training programs together with BFP personnel, LGUs and selected communities and barangays nationwide. These talks will focus on managing LPG-related explosions, fire and emergency response in case of such incidents.

Formal signing of the partnership between Solane and the Bureau of Fire Protection

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