Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chef's Noodle's newest endorser is Sam Concepcion

I first met him when he was still a teen-ager who, at that age, was already a bright, promising (and cute) boy among the summer cast of Trumpets. My daughter had taken the workshop with the group and usually at the end, they have a show to present what they learned. In one rehearsal, I got to meet him and have photos taken - with Sam Concepcion.

At the recent event of Chef's Noodle in Robinsons Magnolia, I once again saw Sam Concepcion - this time as Chef's Noodle's latest endorser. All grown-up now, with a girlfriend. And still very much...CUTE! :-)

Sam now joins the roster of celebrity names endorsing Chef's Noodle, including TV host Grace Lee and celebrity couple Lloyd and Shamcey Supsup-Lee. Being the youngest of the endorsers, Sam's presence gives out that fresh and youthful vibe that characterizes what Chef's Noodle is all about.

Chef's Noodle is the Korean brand's first international master franchise outside of South Korea. Its menu was created by award-winning Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun.

My all-time favorite Korean dish is bibimpap and each time I try a new Korean resto, this for me is the dish that will make or break it in terms of my decision to go back for more. So I am happy to see that bibimpap is on Chef's Noodle's menu. Unfortunately, at the event, it was not served so I'd have to go back another time to have a go at it.

My bibimpap fave dish -- not bad at all for PhP 125 only!
Chef's Noodle recommends some of their "must-try" dishes when you go to eat at their restaurant: Chef's Noodles, Starking Fire Sushi, Bibimpap, Japchae, Haemul Seafood Pajun (Korean pancake with shrimp and squid , spring onions and bell pepper), Leek Shrimp Twigim, Chicken Kas (breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce), Spicy Dukbokki, and their desserts such as ice cream and gelato.

Prices were surprisingly reasonable considering that a celebrity chef is behind the dishes. Just check out these pages from their menu.

Chef's Noodle
Branches: University Mall (tel 405-0129), Atlanta Center (tel 576-5054), Robinsons Magnolia (tel 656-7033), SM North Edsa The Block (tel 376-5367), Robinsons Place Malolos (tel 0917-5486187) and coming soon in SM Megamall
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @chefsnoodlephils

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I would love to try the Starking Fire Sushi ^_^

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