Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Starbucks cards feature Manila, Cebu and a special edition Siren card

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In celebration of its 3rd anniversary in the Philippines, Starbucks is launching on August 8, 2016 two (2) beautiful Starbucks cards that will showcase the rich history of the Philippines plus a Special Edition Siren Starbucks Card.

The two Philippine-themed Starbucks cards are the Manila Starbucks Card (available only in Manila) and the Cebu Starbucks Card (available only in Cebu).

Manila Starbucks Card

Cebu Starbucks Card

Monday, July 11, 2016

Authentic Vietnamese casual dining at Annam Noodle Bar

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The portal to a Vietnamese casual dining experience is in Metro Manila. Located in the Eastwood area, Annam Noodle Bar (Annam, for short) is right in the hustle and bustle of the residential and commercial area.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Plan your vacation with Singapore Airlines and MasterCard during their Midyear Travel Fair this July 2016

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You can now see the world on ridiculously affordable prices as Singapore Airlines and MasterCard, together with SilkAir, the airline's sister carrier, launch the largest nationwide Mid-Year Travel Fair from July 8-31, 2016. By availing of this promotional deal, you also get a chance to win a trip to Germany or South Africa. But I am getting ahead of sure to read till the end.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Masflex celebrates 25 years in the Philippines with a wide range of cookware and kitchenware

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When a brand celebrates 25 years of existence in the Philippines, you know that not only are they here to stay but that they have grown and expanded throughout the years to provide even better options for their customers.

At a recent celebration of Masflex's 25 years of cookware and kitchenware innovation in the Philippines, I feasted on the wide variety of cookware that was laid out in a long table to showcase just how much Masflex cookware and kitchenware has already evolved since its humble beginnings in 1989 when it began with chrome organizers and nonstick fry pans with wooden handles.

That day, I arrived at the event quite early. Perfect! I had a lot of time to myself to check out the different cookware collections Masflex had developed over the years as well as personally meet Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Masflex's brand ambassadress, whose name and face is very well known in the culinary industry and who, as we all know, comes from the famous Reyes clan that owns The Aristocrat restaurant. She actually approached me to say hi just before the event formally started (see why the early bird catches the worm?). :-)

With THE Nancy Reyes-Lumen

Monday, June 20, 2016

Experiencing the Watsons challenge to take the Switch Test

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Question: If you could save up to 80% on body lotion, 60% on body scrub, and 55% on a hair iron, would you switch brand? 

I would likely consider it strongly. After all, as a mother with a large family and a limited budget, little savings here and there mean I can use the savings for other things or just keep it for a rainy day.

Watsons also aimed to answer this question as they conducted switch tests in major cities around the country with unbranded booths and making customers try out two products per category -- a Watsons brand and a leading competitor. So we could experience the Switch Test ourselves, they also made us go through several brand tests at a recent event.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

You Can & You Will: A campaign that gives women the power over cervical cancer

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Did you know that...

* Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Filipinas?

* 7 Filipino women die DAILY of cervical cancer?

* 2 out of 3 Filipinas diagnosed with cervical cancer may die within 5 years?

While that may sound like a death sentence, IT ISN'T.....if we know how to harness our power over cervical cancer.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

McCormick introduces its noodle and seasoning mixes

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Every time I hear the word "McCormick", what comes to my mind are the rows upon rows of green spice bottles in the supermarket and in our kitchen. We grew up with McCormick's different spices which my Mom always bought. So.....being invited to a McCormick event got me excited....

Yes!!! McCormick launched a new product (and it wasn't a new spice!). Can you guess what?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June-July 2016 Starbucks Card Collectibles: Vivienne Tam and Scales

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Two awesome, must-have Starbucks cards are available: one was released this June and another is coming in July.

Vivienne Tam Starbucks Card

The Vivienne Tam Starbucks Card
Available July 1, 2016 with initial consumable load of PhP 1,000

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meeting DOH Secretary Janette Garin up close

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Knowing how busy Cabinet secretaries are, I accepted an invitation to be one of the bloggers to meet and greet Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Janette Garin. It was probably one of her last acts under the Aquino administration but it was good to know what health programs were carried out under her watch and which ones she will be endorsing to the incoming administration.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Join my Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2016 Planner giveaway

Coming out of my holiday hiatus, I decided to set a positive and exciting tone for 2016 by doing a blog giveaway. Yes, I don't always do this for many reasons, but I feel like starting 2016 not by taking in but by giving away something.

This giveaway is special because it will be for MOMMIES! I'm giving away my good friend Janice's 2016 planner -- the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2016 planner. Yay!