Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Join my Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2016 Planner giveaway

Coming out of my holiday hiatus, I decided to set a positive and exciting tone for 2016 by doing a blog giveaway. Yes, I don't always do this for many reasons, but I feel like starting 2016 not by taking in but by giving away something.

This giveaway is special because it will be for MOMMIES! I'm giving away my good friend Janice's 2016 planner -- the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2016 planner. Yay!

Unlike other ordinary planners, the Mom 24/7 2016 planner was created with additional goodies that are just perfect for the busy Mom. What I love about it is that it has areas to help Moms be more productive and organized with their daily activities. But it also has spaces for creativity and imagination.

Take a peek inside its pages. Then scroll all the way down for the giveaway mechanics because I want one of my mommy readers to enjoy this planner all year.

Each month's section starts out with a To-Do list!

Productivity tools are complemented on the sides and below by boxes for creativity and mindfulness

Personal, family and work goals by month!

Room for all kinds of personal and medical info for your kid

…and there's more...

This is not just for your kids. This is for YOU!

How many planners have this? This is truly made for women!

For those days when you want your kid to stay still

Coupons for the moms and kids

The planner comes with a beautiful bookmark!

And there are still more pages -- grocery essentials, household staff file, family travel planner, menu maker, party planner, and even a self help page. There is so much for a mom between the pages of this planner.

I want to give this to one of you so let's make this EASY-PEASY!

Just leave a comment below describing a typical mommy day for you and why this planner would help you. I'm opening up this giveaway till Friday this week, Jan. 8, 2015 so I can ship out the planner by early next week. IMPORTANT: With your comment, leave your EMAIL ADDRESS so I can get back to you if you are the winner.

Oh -- one last thing. I can only ship WITHIN THE PHILIPPINES VIA COURIER. So if you live abroad, you need to designate a Philippine mailing address where I can ship it.

How will I choose the winning Mom? I'll let my heart do so. Whichever comment resonates most with me gets it. There are no right or wrong answers, mind you. Each comment is precious. But I only have one planner (I wish I had hundreds!) so the task of choosing becomes even more challenging.

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Berlin Maynigo said...

Would love to have a Mommy Mundo Planner by my side. Everything in there is well thought of from the menstrual tracker to grocery list and daily reminders for both mom and kids. But what I find most helpful is the health record page. I have four boys and their baby books are really super thick na. With Mommy Mundo Journal, I could keep the record in one book na.

Lonlon said...

Hi.I am a working mom of two. My husband and I are hands on parents. We juggle teaching with child raising and homemaking. I am also a fur-parent of six rescued pets. My days are always full to the brim with varied details, sometimes I forget some things like errands and appointments because if overlaps. That's why the Mommy Mundo Planner is perfect for me. It will take care of all the small details of my day. Hope I can win this it will be very helpful to me.

Lonlon said...

My email address is lon_guevarra@yahoo.com

simplyzhing torre said...

This is perfect for me. As a hands on mom and planning to join the workforce soon, this is going to be my buddy. I don't have any helper and I'm planning to leave my younger kid to a daycare once I start working again. I am not used to having "someone" in the house doing house chores but I am thinking about it. Meanwhile I need a planner wherein I can put my day plans, I cannot memorize everything. Lots of things to do, the chores, errands, bills, meetings at school and soon my little boy will start schooling too. My husband is overseas, so right now I make all the decisions in the house. Thank you for this opportunity.

Mastermom Speaks said...
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Mastermom Speaks said...

Being a mom to my 3 kids is the most important work for me that I am willing to sacrifice anything else that goes against it. For me to be able to keep up, I need to be flexible and resilient at the same time in juggling my impossible schedule everyday. Sending my kids to school early in the morning and as I traverse the Metro, by commuting from South to East everyday, riding a bus and running after the train so as not to be late at work, strolling with the family in a weekend break. If given a chance to have win the Mom 24/7 planner, it will be my partner to my every single journey in life. The Mom 24/7 planner would be a great help in synchronizing and organizing the schedule and of course the demands of my three kids on top of me and my husband's "couple time". Thank you and more power!

My email address is: macelinmendoza@gmail.com

Clarice said...

A typical mommy day is waking up to a messy bed, then off to open may computer to check emails, cook breakfast, work, then take breaks from work to do mommy duties, back to work again, say hello to clothes that needs to be folded then remember I have a deadline so rush back to computer and oops! time for lunch.. husband is going to home in a few minutes. prepare lunch.. enjoy meal time and just talk about anything under the sun. Have an afternoon nap. Say hello to the dishes left during lunch and breakfast. Back to work again.. Then, it's dinner time... then enjoy their hugs and kisses while putting them to sleep. Take a long bath without disturbance. Back to work then off to dreamland.

With all the chaos, unending chores and work -- writing down stuff going through my head is such as relief as i am able to clear my mind with all those reminders with one reliable and complete planner.

Email: maclaricezlao@gmail.com

Nikki Sia said...

A mommy day for me starts at 6:30 in the morning where I breastfeed my son, Axl. After doing so, I get up and eat breakfast while Axl goes back to sleep. During this time, I get to have some laundry done and clean the house. My son usually wakes up at 8 where we spend an hour eating and bathing. When he's all done, he usually plays in our living room while I get to check my emails and messages and start studying for my classes in the evening as I am currently studying Law. I normally have Axl with me all the time when I run errands, even the people from the bank know him already. When evening comes, I leave him with my mom for 3 hours and when I come home we usually play and read books before bed. When he's all tucked in bed, I then study for my classes the next day. ��

Having this planner would really help me manage my time as a full time mom, a homebaker and a Law student. I am the type of person who enjoys planning things ahead and jots down everything which comes into my mind. It keeps me sane and of course, what a wonderful thing to have all your thoughts and appointments in a single planner rather than keeping it all in your head. ��

Email: nikkipediaaa@gmail.com

Ea Baniqued said...
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Jane said...

Hi dear mommies! Thank you for all your comments. Loving each and everyone of them. I was in a family affair earlier so am just buckling down now to checking them again. I'll let you know by tonight who the winner is. :-)

Jane said...

It was a tough choice. I was choosing between 2 moms who I felt would be able to use the planner most. Actually, all your entries were good and Moms, I salute you all for being such great and loving Moms and wives. But in the end, I had to consider also the contents of the planner and which Mom would be able to use most of its pages. So here we go. The winner is….Mastermom!!! Congratulations!

I will be emailing you to ask for shipping details.