Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kraft's Yummy Cheez Whiz Burger Spread

Cheez Whiz has long been a staple in my home. Not just now when I've got kids of my own. Growing up, this was already ever present in our refrigerator as my siblings and I found it not just cheesy yummy but it was so convenient as a cheese spread on our pandesal and Sky Flakes.

Well, guess what. Cheez Whiz has taken a turn for the better as Kraft comes out with its Cheez Whiz Burger flavored spread.

I recently opened a bottle of this spread. This spread is gread over burger patties. There's no need to buy expensive, imported cheese squares. A generous spread of this burger flavored Cheez Whiz is enough.

OK, I had no burger patties on hand when I opened the bottle but I did have my favorite biscuits on hand. So, I simply opened a pack of biscuits and slopped Cheez Whiz over it.

Guess what. It was just as good on biscuits as I believe it will be on a burger pattie. It even has some bits of meat mixed in with the spread to add texture.

Looking at its label, I see that it is fortified with Calci-3, a trio mix of Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus -- three essential building blocks that kids need to have strong bones.

Cheez Whiz Burger comes in three sizes: a 15g Sulit Pack, a 110g bottle, and a 200g bottle.

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