Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manila Slows Down Once Again with Pacquiao-Clottey Fight

It's just a few more minutes to the Pacquiao-Clottey fight at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas and over here in Manila, a Pacquiao Sunday is a sight to behold.

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Pacquiao's fights are always national events in the Philippines. Everything comes to a standstill. People knock off from work early and head home to watch on their TV sets. Hordes of families and friends meet up in movie theaters, malls, bars, restaurants, schools and just about anywhere where there will be livestreaming. Such livestreaming places have evolved these into income-generating product as bars price a livestreaming ticket with free beer and restaurants package lunch or snacks for their paying patrons.

Personally, I enjoy the free roads. In a place like Metro Manila where every day is a survival race against traffic, seeing a highway almost free of vehicles is a sight to behold. And statistics have shown that crime drops to almost insignificant rates during a Pacquiao fight. It seems that even criminal elements actually stop to watch his fights.

A website, Pacquiao Video, gives the following "tale of the tape:

The whole Philippine nation is rooting for Pacquiao, naturally. In a while, we will all be at the edge of our seats, cheering every punch that lands squarely on Clottey, and wincing at every punch that lands on Manny. And if Pacquiao once again wins this fight, he will be the talk of the town as work resumes tomorrow, Monday. 


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