Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brush, brush, brush your teeth...and stay healthy!

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If you think that brushing one's teeth is simply for beauty and fresh breath, here's one more piece of info you'll surely appreciate. It will actually keep you more healthy!

Why is it that when we wake in the morning, our breath is so eeeewy??? That's because our mouths were closed all night, allowing bacteria to accumulate and multiply. Because these bacteria are able to feed on some food sediments left, their waste products which are sulfur-based, emit a pungent smell.

Can you imagine if you start your day by taking breakfast immediately and drinking water or coffee? All that bacteria that multiplied overnight go right back into your system. Very unhealthy! Get rid of all that bacteria by brushing upon waking up.

Just recently tried Pepsodent toothpaste.
The blue paste has Perlite, a whitening ingredient.
The white paste has fluoride and calcium for stronger, healthier teeth.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sangobion's Christmas Special Made more Special for the Philippine National Red Cross

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Christmas was definitely in the air when my mommy friends and I attended Sangobion's Christmas Special last December.

It was a joyous coming together. First of all I was with my SoMoms mommy blogger friends: ThammieJackie and Tin. Then I bumped into Ginger and Frances who brought along their kids, some of whom I saw in person for the first time after ooohing and aaahing their photos on Facebook. Attending too was Jenni Epperson, one of my fave bloggers whose "lifestyle and more" blog is read and enjoyed by so many.

(L-R}: Jenni Epperson, Christine Dychiao, Rowena Lei, Jackie Go, me

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Christmas Holidays were More Cheerful with Fog City Creamery

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This was the dreariest Christmas ever. It was the first time none of us at home had the energy to put up a Christmas tree that was 8 feet high. We were on general housecleaning mode especially with one room that we had to clean from top to bottom, inside out. To give ourselves the spirit of some Christmas cheer, I played Christmas carols all day long as we dusted, cleared stuff out, mopped the floors, scrubbed tiles and did spring cleaning of items.

Gifts sent to our home were very much appreciated but one that I really looked forward to trying when it came to the house was 4 pints of Fog City Creamery ice cream in Christmas flavors: Fruit and Nuts Deluxe, Brandied Cherries, Peppermint Brownie and Tablea. Hey, you are looking at one ice cream lover here!!!