Friday, September 3, 2010

Your Healthy Palamantasan Pledge Can Win Kraft Gift Packs

Up to now, my Mom keeps reminding me that I was not much of a vegetable eater as a little girl. Thankfully, she knew how to cook and managed to provide me with healthy snacks incorporating the things that I would eat. Sometimes though, she would insist that I eat my veggies. So nowadays, she still gets surprised when she sees me eating lots of vegetables and in fact, go for it almost always before getting the meat dishes.

However, I see my young self in my youngest son now who sets aside anything green he sees on his plate. I'm just glad that my other 3 children are not so picky with vegetables, including our eldest girl who has grown to love them. How do I ensure that my children stay healthy during their crucial growing-up years? Here are some things I have done:

1. Junk food and softdrinks are no longer on my grocery list.
2. I choose lean meat over the regular meats available (they are pricier but healthier)
3. Fish is served up more often on the table.
4. Meat dishes, as often as possible, are cooked with vegetables in them.
5. Dairy products like milk and cheese are always present at home.

What about you? Would you be willing to make a Palamantasan Pledge to provide proper nutrition for your family?


Share your pledge with me and get a chance to be one of 10 winners of Kraft gift packs.

It's simple. Here are the contest mechanics:

1. The contest is open to all Facebook users IN THE METRO MANILA AREA ONLY.

2. Go to the Facebook page of "Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya". Click "LIKE".

3. On YOUR OWN Facebook page, create a pledge on how to keep provide proper nutrition for your family. Tag the Palamantasan page within your pledge message. Do this by first typing the "@" symbol followed by the word "Palamantasan". A drop-down menu box will appear where you will see the entire phrase "Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya". Click that and you should see the "Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya" become a blue link. Continue on by writing out your pledge.

4. After writing your pledge, click the attach link icon and paste the URL of this post (this is so that your entry is properly identified as having come from my blog post for judging purposes).

5. Change the privacy restriction of your post to "Everyone" by clicking on the lock icon just left of the "Share" button.

6. See if your entry is valid by checking the Palamantasan Facebook fanpage.

7. Once your entry shows up on the Palamantasan page, leave a comment under my post so I can validate your entry.


9. I will choose 10 of the most creative answer from all entries linked to my blog post. The winners gets a Kraft gift pack each.

10. Prize can be claimed at the GeiserMaclang office by contacting Sam Sanchez at / 0918.823.4624

11. Winners will also be announced by me in this post.

This promo runs from the date of this post till September 15, 2010. Winners will be announced on September 18, 2010.

Prizes can be claimed beginning Sept. 20 to Sept. 30, 2010.


Manila Stone said...

will post a link on my blog

luckyfinds said...

here's my entry

divine_viva said...

Here's the link to my FB entry:!/profile.php?id=1579894624

Jane said...

Thanks everyone! Keep those pledges coming!

Luisa said...

Hi there,

Here's the link to my entry:!/profile.php?id=100001059995381

Regina said...


Here's my entry...!/profile.php?id=853555435

Jane said...

Thanks again for joining, everyone. To be sure your entry is qualified, please make sure it shows up on the Palamantasan Facebook Page. If it does not show up, there must have been a problem in tagging it. I can only judge the entries if they show up on the Palamantasan Facebook Page. Thanks and good luck!

Bags said...

here is my entry. please count me in!!

tere said...

here's my entry

cornelio03 said...

Hi, I'd like to join

Luisa said...

Hi there,

Ialready submitted my entry before but I was wondering why it was deleted in Palamantasan's wall. NOt sure if it has something to do with my privacy restrictions in my profile.
Anyway, here's my entry coz' I tried posting again. I already set my privacy settings as well.
Please let me know. Thanks!!/profile.php?id=100001059995381&v=wall&story_fbid=149224515111153

Luisa said...

Hi jane,

I was wondering because when I tried visiting Palamantasan's page again just now, my previous entry linking your blog showed up again (entry Sept.06)! That was odd! This happened after I sent another entry to their fan page with the link to your blog. I thought it was because of my privacy settings that it was automatically disqualified and deleted.
Anyway, hope you can still check out my entry and consider it. Thanks!


Jane said...

@Luisa - I screencapped your entry on Palamantasan page to be sure. Facebook has this wonky thing. I've had posts disappear on me too. But yes, for it to show up on the Palamantasan page, your Share settings have to be set to "Everyone". Thanks for joining and good luck!

Ning said...

im joining!!!/profile.php?id=100000734691019&v=wall&story_fbid=140817142628213

Ning Buning
forgptning (at)gmail(dot)com

miaka said...

hi! sali po ako since cheez whiz is the favorite of my son... i need to win this one.. =)!/profile.php?id=1354744245

torque15 said...

can a provincial participant join and if ever wins, send a representative to claim the prize on his/her behalf? thanks.

Jane said...

@torque15 - I clarified your question with the organizers and yes, you can send in an entry only if you have a duly authorized representative get the prize if ever you win. That representative will have to show a photocopy of your valid ID and your authorization letter when claiming. Thanks!

JayL said...

Jane said...

That's it folks. All entries are in and no further entries will be considered for this contest. Please watch out for the list of winners to be announced here on Sept. 18. Good luck to everyone! Thank you for joining.

Jane said...

We are still in the process of reviewing the final list of winners as all must pass the mechanics of the contest. Thanks for being patient.