Saturday, September 18, 2010

Downy: Wearing Perfume Without Wearing Perfume

Downy recently launched its line of premium fabric conditioners (Passion and Attraction) which contain a unique blend of perfume oils. It's like wearing perfume without putting perfume on.

The build-up to the actual day of the launch began with a challenge for the nose. This blogger took up the challenge to guess what was the missing ingredient on a scented towel sent in together with the  challenge.

Two of Procter & Gamble's perfumiers (Hector Esquinca and Shingo Ishii) headed for Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, to create two exciting new scents just for the Filipina nose to enjoy. Thus, Passion and Attraction were born.

Being a perfume noob, I knew next to none about how perfumes were created so it was with great interest that I listened to these two men whose sensitive noses could be likened to the sensitive taste buds of gourmet chefs.

It was my first time to learn of "scent notes". There are the base notes, the middle notes and the top notes. Hmmm, now I'm reminded of my days taking piano lessons. Wikipedia describes these notes this way. Top notes are the scents that one immediately smells upon applying a perfume. Middle notes are the scents that start to emerge once the top notes start to dissipate. And the base notes are the scents that come out once the middle notes dissipate. The base and middle notes are the true essence of a perfume scent. These scents usually come out about 30 minutes after application.

Hector Esquinca, who developed the fragrance of Passion, describes it as "sweet and vibrant". It has a fruity fragrance with apple blossom, freesia and vanilla as its top and middle notes, and fresh mulberry and cedarwood as its bottom notes.

On the other hand, Shingo Ishii, who developed the floral fragrance of Attraction, says that he combined a blend of floral scents like Jasmine, Rose and Ylang-Ylang as its top and middle notes, mixed with soft musk, tube rose and wood fragrances for its bottom notes to give the scent a lingering hint of the Oriental.

Downy's Perfume series uses the advanced, touch-activated Perfume Microcapsule (PMC) Technology. Perfume oils are placed in microcapsules within the Downy formula, which are deposited on clothes during rinsing. When rubbed or touched, these capsules slowly release more fragrance into the air so that you get not just a whiff of perfume but fresh bursts of it the whole day.

I can personally attest to this. At the launch, we all got scarves washed in either Passion or Attraction. I got the Attraction scarf. Weeks later, every time I pick up the scarf, I get a fresh whiff of the perfume. It still remains as strong as the day of the launch!

What happened to the challenge? I guessed right! ROSE was the answer. And for that, several of us bloggers who got it right each won a year's supply of Downy's perfume series.

(bloggers pose with emcee Christine Jacobs)

Pick and choose between the fruity fragrance or the flowery fragrance. Either way, when your clothes are rinsed in Downy fabric conditioner, it will be like wearing perfume without wearing perfume. All day.

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