Thursday, September 30, 2010

There's More to Fish & Co. Than Fish

Carnivores, celebrate! If you think Fish & Co. is all about fish, think again. After all "& Co." in their name means it ain't all about fish. They have now expanded their food offerings to include *drumroll*....MEAT!

My kids are primarily carnivores and while I can get them to try seafood dishes, they usually go for the meat dishes first. Their favorite dish at Fish & Co. is the fish & chips, what else? But at this dinner hosted by Fish & Co., upon the invite of Carlo, my girl and I, along with other blogger friends, were able to take a peek at the varied meat items they had concocted. 

Shrimp and Chicken Breast Al Pesto

Being a health-conscious Mom and yogini, I have recently been tapering my meat intake and increasing fish, vegetables and fruits in my diet. But who can resist this dish when chicken breast is combined with shrimp, pasta (my favorite dish!) and broccoli? Still healthy! Of all the dishes served up that night, this was my clear choice.

Breaded Chicken Piggyback

Surprisingly, piggybacking shrimp on top of breaded chicken went well. I liked the combination of the chicken's crunch with the softness of the shrimp. A thoughtful addition is the noodles at the bottom. It serves as the carbs high of the dish.

Grilled Lamb Chops

Yum yum lamb chops! I'm glad it was prepared with veggies as part of the serving. I normally stay away from pure meat dishes.

My girl (beside me) gave the dinner a two thumbs up so that means my carnivore girl was pleased with the menu. Thanks for the wonderful, gastronomic dinner, Fish & Co. I'm hauling my carnivore family here on our next family celebration.

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