Monday, September 20, 2010

And the Palamantasan Healthy Pledge Winners Are...

We were supposed to announce the contest winners on my blog last Saturday, Sept. 18. But all the bloggers concerned, including the organizers, had to review the entries to ensure that only those who followed the mechanics of the contest were considered valid entries.

I also regret that there was one entry that I could not consider. Firstly, the person posted a link to his/her Facebook page which I could not view due to privacy settings. Secondly, that person's entry did not appear also on the Palamantasan Facebook page. So there could have been technical glitches with the post. Too bad.

The contest mechanics were clear. One entry per person only.

Since I did not specify if it was one entry per blog or one entry per person for the entire contest, I considered even the entries of people who joined different bloggers' contests but took pains to submit different entries. Because of the effort exerted, those people still qualified to join. Others were disqualified however for not following the contest mechanics.

So, here are the winners for my blog (I chose less than the maximum of 10).

1. Bagel Betorin

2. Cornelio Mallare

3. Emiliana Sison

4. G-anne Ronquillo

5. Luisa Clemente

6. Ning Buning

Please contact Sam Sanchez of Geiser Maclang at 0918.823.4624 to arrange how to claim your prizes.

Congratulations and thanks for joining!

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