Monday, October 14, 2013

Why I Don't Leave Home Without my BDO Rewards Card

If you had a chance to peek into the contents of my wallet (don't bother to count the money because I don't put much in there), you'll see all sorts of plastic cards. I have a credit card, grocery membership cards, a bookstore discount card, a drugstore loyalty card, cafe loyalty cards and ID cards. They are nice to have handy but there is one more card I won't leave home without - my BDO Rewards card.

Look! I've been a BDO Rewards cardholder since June 2007!!! When I was asked to share about BDO Rewards, it really was no problem because I have been using it already for years.

My own BDO Rewards card (serial numbers erased for security)

I actually started out with an SM Advantage Card but switched to BDO Rewards. Both earn reward points but if you're a Banco de Oro depositor like I am, the BDO Rewards card is actually the better option because you can rack up more points. I'll tell you why.

Reason #1 - Different banking transactions count towards points

Different transactions with BDO earn points. Some other bank reward programs only earn you points when you make placements or add on to your existing bank accounts. With BDO Rewards, besides peso and dollar bank balances, points are awarded also for availing of consumer loans, using its electronic banking (online banking, phone banking and ATM) services, paying with its BDO Debit Card, credit-to-account remittances, and credit card transactions.

In fact, I don't even have to do much to earn points. Even if I were to just maintain my balance, it would continue to earn monthly points if it met the minimum criteria. Of course, increasing my balance means greater points.

Read more details on how to earn points here.

Reason #2 - I don't have to do anything to earn points 

Just by leaving my bank accounts in BDO, I earn monthly points. I don't even have to do anything actively. Points are awarded monthly depending on the level of one's maintaining balance. In other words, it is a card that keeps on giving even if you do nothing.

Reason #3 - Purchasing from SM, SM partner stores and partner retailers earn points too

The BDO Rewards card works just like the SM Advantage card when used in SM Department Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM retail establishments and other BDO Rewards partners. And it earns exactly the same way too.

Reason #4 - Every point is a peso

How many other cards do you have whose peso value equals the reward points? Not many. Most of those I know require several points to equal a peso. With BDO Rewards, 1 point = 1 peso.

Reason #5 - BDO Rewards surprises. And saves money. 

Believe it or not, over the years I have already bought about 3 bags on sale and a couple of blouses with just my accumulated points. Whether you are shopping or doing banking transactions, you just keep racking up points you can use for free shopping.

If there is one very clear memory in my mind associated with BDO Rewards, it had to do with my Mom. It is a precious memory because she already passed away last year in November. A few months before that, I think in celebration of Mother's Day, I took her to Megamall. She was just accompanying me as I bought a few things I needed in the department store. Our plan was really just to have lunch and bond. But while there, I realized I had enough points accumulated. Because of BDO Rewards, I was able to give my Mom a nice new bag. FREE!

3 Tiers for BDO Rewards Cards

There are 3 different card types or tiers, depending on how many points you earn within a 2-year period.

Emerald: below 5,000 points
Sapphire: 5,000 to 9,999 points
Diamond: 10,000 points and above

The higher your tier, the more perks and privileges that go with the card.

Because I can earn reward points in many places I frequent, the BDO Rewards card never leaves my wallet. Reward points can be used to pay for purchases at any branch of the SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket as well as SM retail establishments such as Watsons, Toy Kingdom, Ace Hardware, Surplus Shop, SM Appliance Center and more.

If you're already a BDO depositor, ask your branch for details on how to get the BDO Rewards card.


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Ana SJ said...

Hi ask q lng if i can transfer my smac points to my bdo reward card? Thanks

Jane said...

Hi Ana. You may want to direct this question to BDO itself.