Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BonChon Delivers!

The ever popular global restaurant that originated in Korea now has a new service. BonChon now delivers straight to your doorsteps. Yay!

My family had the chance to try out their delivery service. A day before, I received a reminder email saying that BonChon would be delivering the food by 6pm. On the day of the delivery, I had to go out of the house to attend an event. Good thing I was already home around 5pm because at exactly 6pm, the doorbell rings. And guess who came with the messenger who brought our BonChon dinner...the branch manager of the Promenade branch himself!!! WOW!

BonChon Promenade branch manager, Aurelio Andea (left), with rider Pancho Barroga

Our dinner stash came in a thermal insulated bag!

Here's what they brought for us:

It was a feast for my kids (and one nephew who was staying with us at that time). Here are some pics I took (I missed photos of the large iced tea glasses because the kids immediately went for them).

Sweet potato fries, PhP 60 each

Medium wings with soy garlic dip, PhP 365

Seafood platter with soy garlic dip, PhP 395

Large fries, PhP 60 each; Onion rings, PhP 60 each 
Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad, PhP 125 each; with extra chicken, add PhP 30

There's only one delivery number to remember for Metro Manila: 633-1818. And for other delivery areas, here is a screenshot I got from their website. Minimum order is P300 plus 10% delivery charge.

As of this posting, here is what is available in their delivery menu.


Chessy said...

Hi Mommy Jane! Were the chicken wings still crispy?! I love BonChon's Snackwiches!

Jane said...

Hi Chessy. The chicken wings were still okay. :-)