Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blue Water Day Spa Debuts in Tomas Morato

I love spas. After my yoga practice, I sometimes feel long neglected muscles come alive (read my lips: sore muscles). A body massage does the job to take away the aches and pains, soothe and detox the body. Or after a long day away from home attending blogger events or running errands as a busy mom, it just feels so good to settle down to a great foot massage.

Today, Blue Water Day Spa opens its doors in Tomas Morato. It's the second Blue Water spa that comes with a spa theater. The first one, along Ortigas Ave., could seat over 20 people in the theater. This one in Tomas Morato seats 16.

I got a personalized tour when I arrived there. We started out with the rooms. They have couple rooms where you can have a body massage or scrub. It has its own bathroom and changing area so that you need not leave the room to wash and change.

For simple body massages, there is a room each for ladies and men, tastefully decorated too to calm the spirit.

(Ladies' massage room)

(Men's massage room)

The theater area is cozy enough to hold intimate spa parties. Families and good friends would love the pampering while watching a good movie together. I got a good back massage while in a lazy boy chair and that was a very relaxing experience while a movie was being shown.

Today, they had a demo of the Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy (a 45-minute treatment that starts with hard massage, setting fire to the area that needs slimming down, then another hard massage round). Setting you on fire is safe, mind you, as in the picture below, because they saran wrap you first, then wrap the area in towels before lighting up. It is a slimming massage that also eliminates excess fat cells, water and toxins in the body.

(That's the abdomen of the "guinea pig" set on fire. He actually lost some centimeters after the treatment.)

Will I try it? Uhhhhmmmm, not sure. But I will definitely try the traditional Filipino massage (hilot) that they are offering. I love hilot because it brings out the trapped air in muscles which cause pain. I have some achy muscles right now that need ironing out. The Brazilian Crystal Massage looks good too!

Aside from massages, Blue Water Day Spa offers body scrubs, foot treatments, facial skin care treatments, waxing hair removal and spa packages.

Visit Blue Water Day Spa's newest location at 238 Sct. Bayoran, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. They are open Mon-Sun from 1pm-12mn. Tel 486-5584 or mobile 0923-718-7101.

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Mhartz Trujillo.....Love ko ang massage then i would love to try also the Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy...Napanuod ko today ito sa Salamat Dok...kaya like ko itry