Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do You Have the Toughest Job? (winners announed)

I think the toughest job in the Philippines is being a MOM.

  1. Being a Mom starts with PAIN - during childbirth. And even for those who are Moms by adoption, pain can come in the form of sacrifices and problems.
  2. You're on duty 24/7
  3. Your job description requires multiple skills and duties: caregiver, nanny, tutor, cook, driver, motivator, disciplinarian, financier
  4. Once you get the job, there is absolutely no resignation. You're in this for the long haul - like it or not.
  5. There is no financial compensation. You need to do all these absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.
Do you think your job is tough too? Then come join Alaxan FR and DOLE's Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines Campaign.

Different people may give different answers; but for the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Manny Pacquiao and Alaxan FR, no job is too small or too easy. Because it is in how one performs the job – whether he rises above the pain and the challenge—that determines whether a job is tough or so-so.

With this in mind, the DOLE and the People’s Champ,  together with top pain relief brand Alaxan FR, launches the “Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines” – a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to honor Filipino men and women who face the challenges of their day-to-day jobs with pride, resiliency and most of all toughness.

“In the case of Manny Pacquiao, it’s the pain of training for a boxing title; for the promodizer, it’s the long commute to be able to give service to grocery shoppers; for the teacher, it’s the leg cramps after long hours of standing to be able to impart knowledge to students. Really, pain is a badge of honor. It’s one sign that you’ve exerted enough effort and commitment to do your job well.,” asserts Sheila Rono, Alaxan Brand Representative..

My blog is offering a contest for the toughest job. 3 winners will be chosen by me. 

To join, here are mechanics:

1. Just post a comment at the end of this article stating what is your toughest job. Please include your NAME and OCCUPATION.

2. Your comment entry is also automatically an entry to www.toughjobsphilippines.com for the national contest which runs till Aug. 21, 2010 (see mechanics for the national contest there). You are required to submit the same entry in my blog, but this time with a PHOTO of your tough job, to alaxantoughjobs@gmail.com (Alaxan FR's PR people will be the ones to upload your entry on the website). The entry that gets the most number of votes online will win the competition and will bring home a trophy and a cash prize of P20,000.  

3. Deadline for entries to my blog contest: July 15, 2010

4. For my blog contest, there will be 3 winners chosen by me. My blog winners will win tough jobs T-shirts, cellphone cleaners and Alaxan FR’s sample packs. 

5. Winners can claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang Office – 6F Cambridge Center Building, 108 Tordesillas cor Gallardo Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Alaxan FR contains Ibuprofen (200mg) and Paracetamol (325mg), two of the most widely used and trusted pain relievers by doctors worldwide. It is used for the relief of mild to moderately severe pain of musculoskeletal origin such as myalgia, arthritis, rheumatism, sprain, strain, bursitis, tendonitis, backache and stiff neck, as well as tension headache, dysmenorrhea, toothache and pain after tooth extraction and minor surgical operations and for the reduction of fever. Alaxan FR is available at leading drugstores and supermarkets.


Here are my winners for Alaxan FR gift packs:

1. May Ann Saturno - her description of her job as transcriptionist-editor really tugged at my heart. I agree that it's a very tough job to have.

2. Jennifer Aspacio - 12 blogs? No yaya? Homeschooling teacher? Waaaahhhh, that's tough!

3. Julie Fuertes - dealing with kids can be a handful. Julie's work with special education children is a challenge! Plus, she has all this online work on top of having no househelp. Makes my life look like a breeze.

Congrats Ann, Jennie and Julie. I'll be emailing you soon. Please note though that the promo was extended to Aug. 15, 2010 AFTER I had closed the contest. So please be patient because your prizes will be available beginning Aug. 15 only.


Jay-L said...

Name: Jay Aquino
Tough Job: Blogger

Being a full time BLOGGER is such a tough job. It's a one man show. I'm the one who writes, editor, marketer, picture taker for the events, link builder, blog designer rolled into one. Whew!

And I must update my blogs regularly or else the numbers of visitors will decline which means my earnings will decline also. Plus, the fact that I'm an independent now, no mama to run into when I got no money ;)

ann said...

Toughest Job Philippines
Name: May Ann Saturno
Occupation: Transcriptionist-Editor

Tulad ng mga call center, ang transcription ay part din ng BPO industry. Tunog sosyal lang pero hindi hamak na mas mahirap, mas komplikado at mas mababa ang kinikita ng mga transcriptionist kaysa sa mga call center agents at iba pang BPO agents.

Ang transcription ay maaaring hatiin sa medical, legal, entertainment at general transcription. Sa company na pinagtratrabahuan ko, all around ka dapat dahil iba’t ibang files ang maaaring maibigay sa amin hindi katulad ng sa iba na kung medical, medical lang.

Para maipaliwang muna ng mabuti ang aking trabaho, ganito yan. May voice file na dinictate ng mga dictators at pagkatapos ay itratranscribe namin ito. Parang encoder ang kaibahan lamang ay mayroon kaming pinakikinggang nagsasalita sa headphones. Kailangang accurate at maayos ang pagkakagawa dahil ang mga outputs ay maaaring mga medical records, court scripts, mga subtitles sa pelikula at iba pang documents.

Sa lahat ng aking mga naging trabaho, ito na yata ang pinakamahirap. Kailangan mong gamitin ang mga kamay sa page-encode, tainga sa pagdinig ng mga recorded dictations, paa sa pag-apak ng foot pedal (yes, may foot pedal pa para ma-rewind, ma-play/pause at forward ang dictation, parang mananahi, noh?) at siyempre ang pinakaimportante sa lahat ay ang mga mata at ang pag-iisip. Kailangan ng common sense. Walong oras sa isang araw, limang beses sa isang linggo ganito ang ginagawa ko.

Walong oras nakaupo, nakakapagod, hindi lang ang katawan kung hindi pati rin ang utak dahil dapat magaling rin sa English, mabilis mag-type, malakas ang pandinig, marunong sa computer, may alam sa legal at medical terminology, dapat ring ma-identify ang mga discrepancies sa mga reports. Parang nasa kamay ng mga transcriptionist ang buhay ng mga pasyente dahil dapat tama ang gamot, ang dose nito, ang sakit at ang lunas ng doctor. Ganoon din sa mga legal files at sa mga subtitles. Hindi ba’t nakakainis kapag mali ang mga subtitles sa mga pelikula. Diyan naman pumapasok ang aking pagiging editor, dapat i-double check ang mga files, papakinggan muli ang mga ito, aayusin ang grammar, verb tenses, spelling, punctuation atbp.

Ang pagiging transcriptionist ay hindi man tulad ng ibang gawain na kailangan ng pisikal na lakas pero talagang nakakapagod dahil kinakailangan nito ang talas ng pag-iisip kaya ko nasabing ito ang aking toughest job.

Manila Stone said...

I love my job. But my job entails me to do tough decisions. My decision can mean that clients cannot get their orders or if I do make rush decisions, I may end up packing up my inventory. Making sound decisions makes my job the toughest job there is.

Name- Stonibert Lim
Tough job - Parts manager

Jennie said...

Name: Jennifer Aspacio
Toughest Job: A homeschooling Work from Home Mom

When people tell me I should be having the time of my life as I get paid while I work from home, they can't be more wrong. While I definitely am not going to exchange places with any other occupation, it is very fulfilling, thank you, it definitely is never a walk in the park.

Juggling my role as my son's "Teacher Mama" during morning school days and working from home as a virtual assistant to a boss who's based in Arizona from lunch onwards, while yet being the lone housekeeper of our home (I don't have househelp or a nanny)will probably give a professional juggler a run for their money. I also maintain at least a dozen blogs at that. It took a while for me to devise a system for this kind of schedule to work for our family, but I am most certainly glad I did.

God has been faithful to me through and through. I wouldn't have seen myself leaving the corporate world as a banker and embracing these jobs that I juggle. As tough as all of my jobs are, I am thoroughly enjoying the ride and can definitely say with conviction that these are the major things I'm built for and purposed to do in life. <3

Julie said...

Name: Julie C. Fuertes
Toughest Job: full time mom, part-time work from home and part-time Special Ed teacher

I used to homeschool two of my children until they decided to go to a regular school this year. My day starts at 4am cooking food for packed lunch, prepping sleepy children for the 5:30am arrival of the school service. When they are in school, I do online tasks for my blogs, research for topics I write about in an online publication, in between house chores like cleaning, washing, laundry, ironing and making lessons for my special education students. By the time I think I am ready to take a nap, I have to prepare dinner for the kids who have to be ready for bedtime around 8pm. Bedtime comes after dinner, homework, reviewing of lessons, a little bit of bonding time and bath time.

When the children are in bed, I have to clean up and wait for the hubby. While I do so, I prepare some of the packed food they will bring for snacks after I checked if we missed something in their school lessons.

During days I have to go to work, I deal with children who have varying special education needs and I have to prepare individualized lessons for them. There are 9 students that I have to prepare individualized lessons for.

It was a mutual decision between my husband and I that I should not have a full-time teaching job because we know what comes first in our priorities: the children.

Jane said...

Contest is closed. Thanks everyone for reading and participating. I will be choosing the winners and sending emails out by next week to the winners.