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Masflex celebrates 25 years in the Philippines with a wide range of cookware and kitchenware

When a brand celebrates 25 years of existence in the Philippines, you know that not only are they here to stay but that they have grown and expanded throughout the years to provide even better options for their customers.

At a recent celebration of Masflex's 25 years of cookware and kitchenware innovation in the Philippines, I feasted on the wide variety of cookware that was laid out in a long table to showcase just how much Masflex cookware and kitchenware has already evolved since its humble beginnings in 1989 when it began with chrome organizers and nonstick fry pans with wooden handles.

That day, I arrived at the event quite early. Perfect! I had a lot of time to myself to check out the different cookware collections Masflex had developed over the years as well as personally meet Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Masflex's brand ambassadress, whose name and face is very well known in the culinary industry and who, as we all know, comes from the famous Reyes clan that owns The Aristocrat restaurant. She actually approached me to say hi just before the event formally started (see why the early bird catches the worm?). :-)

With THE Nancy Reyes-Lumen

Nancy Reyes-Lumen is the perfect Masflex Ambassadress. She fits perfectly into Masflex's ideal for an ambassador -- one who has a genuine passion for cooking and can relate to the wide demographic base of Masflex's consumers. That's not all. Nancy brings in even more to Masflex that makes her really shine. She is a home-maker, grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, multi-media personality, singer (Yes!!! And I have a video to prove it!), band member, home cook, restaurateur, commissary operator, food writer, editor, food stylist, food show host, lecturer, Filipino food advocate, healthy food advocate, food researcher and a true blue cook -- all rolled into one. To top it all off, she has also been a loyal user of Masflex cookware and kitchenware so her endorsement cannot get any more authentic than this.

Nancy showed us different ways to use Masflex cookware to cook easy-to-prepare dishes. With some dishes, she was assisted by her group of "nanay cooks" and for others, select celebrities came up on stage to help her. I really enjoyed listening to her. I think her experience in front of the camera makes her so bagay (suited). She is funny, very casual and intimate, and her advice is super solid!

Enjoy one of Nancy Reyes-Lumen's videos. I'm putting it here so I do not forget the steps when I try it out.

Here's one for Braised Mechado

And look!!! Bloggers even got to do Pancake Art!!! Can you guess what that is? 

Using several Masflex crepe pans and plastic icing containers filled with batter in different colors, bloggers tried their hand creating pancake artwork that are candy to the eyes and yummy to the tummy.

In 25 years, Masflex has come up with a wide range of cookware that takes advantage of the technology of the times.

In 1996, Masflex added the colored non-stick cookware line. Today, you can go with their basic non-stick cookware or opt for their higher-end forged aluminum cookware with Daikin Japan non-stick coatings such as Ceramic, Marble or Stone.

Ceramic non-stick cookware

Up close -- forged technology -- a marble coated pan

Marble line of cookware

In 2006, Masflex introduced induction cookware as induction stoves came into the market. Masflex is the first to have a complete line of induction-ready cookware -- from frying pans to sauce pans, casseroles, stock pots, woks and more specialized cookware such as crepe pans.

Induction-ready cookware

Ten years later, in 2016, Masflex introduced the Diamond line of cookware from Korea. We know how hard diamond is. Imagine that this cookware line has FIVE (5) layers of diamond coating!!! That provides superior non-stick performance! Aside from that, the handles of this diamond line comes with a Thermochromatic Heat Sensor on the handle -- a first in the Philippines and serves as a guide to the cook when the pan is at optimal temperature to start cooking.

A pan with a 5-layer diamond coating
Now, Masflex also offers aluminum cookware that comes in both basic (3mm) and premium (5mm) encapsulated aluminum bottoms. This aluminum line is extremely durable, light, easy to clean and has a rich shine.

You can find more details about Masflex on these sites:
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