Thursday, June 16, 2016

McCormick introduces its noodle and seasoning mixes

Every time I hear the word "McCormick", what comes to my mind are the rows upon rows of green spice bottles in the supermarket and in our kitchen. We grew up with McCormick's different spices which my Mom always bought. So.....being invited to a McCormick event got me excited....

Yes!!! McCormick launched a new product (and it wasn't a new spice!). Can you guess what?

McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mixes

Five favorite Asian dishes became the inspiration for McCormick to develop noodle and seasoning mixes that any of us can whip up in our own homes.

Each seasoning mix comes in its own large pack which already includes all the ingredients you would need to whip up the dish including the noodles. No need to go out to the supermarket for them. The cooking process is easy because it can be done in 4 steps and completed in just about 30 minutes. You have the option to add other ingredients to make the dish suit your personal preference.

Here are the 5 seasoning mixes:

1. Laksa - This is a Singaporean dish which combines Chinese and Malay cuisine. It is made of rice noodles or rice vermicelli served with chicken, prawn or fish in a spicy soup. When I think of laksa, I think of the coconut milk-based one (this McCormick variant is coconut milk-based) but I found out that there are also laksa dishes that are tamarind-based.

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2. Chap Chae - This Korean dish is a favorite even among Filipinos. Made from potato noodles, it is stir-fried in sesame oil with vegetables. Sometimes, beef is added. It is also flavored with soy sauce and sweetened with sugar.

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3. Birthday Noodles - A popular dish usually ordered from Chinese restaurants on special occasions like birthdays, Birthday Noodles are made from wheat noodles plus a sauce made from soy sauce, oyster sauce, and shrimp stock. Meat and vegetables are added to your preference.

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4. Pad Thai - A Thai dish, this is a stir-fried noodle dish usually seen as a street food and served in casual eateries in Thailand.

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5. Palabok - Our very own Palabok cannot be missed, of course. Made from rice noodles, it is usually topped with a very thick orange sauce flavored with shrimp and smoked dried fish (called tinapa).

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The event would not be complete without all of us actually trying the dishes. We all got to taste each of the 5 dishes, made from the seasoning mixes.

Dishes made from McCormick noodle and seasoning mixes

Working couples and busy people can have these Asian favorites without spending too much preparation time. McCormick has leveled up beyond just providing the spices which they are famous for. Now, they are making the dining experience extra special as well without much hassle.

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