Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have You Kik'd Anyone Yet?

Got an Android, iOS or Blackberry smartphone? Then you need to check out Kik Messenger, the latest viral app that allows free texting crossing all 3 platforms.

It's FREE. It's pretty fast (real-time). And it's VIRAL! 

According to the Kik blog, they launched Oct. 19, 2010 with 0 users and hit 1 million in just 15 days. If that's not viral, I don't know what is!

I downloaded it just tonight after reading a Tech Crunch article about it being viral. Then I posted notices on my Plurk and Facebook accounts. In just a few hours, several of my friends and family have already joined my network. Here's what the screen looks like.

(Source: Kik Blog)

I also got to text back and forth with friends using all 3 platforms and it works. Beautifully! The user interface is very simple and a new feature it has that was not present in Ping Chat which I used to use (only good among iPhone users) is that it has 3 icons that change status beside each of your posts. S = Sending. D = Delivered. R = Read. Woot!

To download Kik from your smartphone, click HERE.

Congrats to the entire Kik team. I really hope you guys can sustain the amazing exponential growth and keep downtime or lag to the barest minimum.

As for me, if Kik works as they tout it, this might just be my solution to this carrier that did away with their unlimited text promo for Christmas and New Year. Cheers!

The Kik Team celebrating the 1M crossover
(Source: Kik Blog)


jay said...

interesting ! So that's what my friends were posting when I just announced on plurk that I got a new android tablet. Everybody Kik'd me. LOL!

Jane said...

Try it, Jay! :-)