Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Penshoppe Style Closet Goes on a Mobile Tour

A makeover is coming to your office or school!!!

Penshoppe is stepping out of its stores!

That's right. The Penshoppe Style Closet will be traveling to selected schools and offices in a few weeks. It is a real walk-in closet with several cubicles and rows of clothes and accessories. Stylists will assess your style, skin color and body physique and recommend a combination of outfits that suit you.

Here's how the mobile tour will go:

1. On announced dates, the Penshoppe Style Closet will travel to a specific school or office. Their "spotters" will choose students/office workers who will get a VIP pass. (Hint: if you want to increase your chances of being "spotted", dress up a bit more on the day they visit your office/school)

2. If you are one of the lucky ones given a VIP pass, it entitles you to a makeover from a Penshoppe stylist. That means you get to try out recommended outfits inside the Style Closet. As a token of appreciation from Penshoppe, you will get a free pair of jeans.

3. Those given VIP passes may also be given up to two more VIP passes that you can give to your best friends so they can also enjoy the experience like you. (Hint: if a spotter did not choose you to get a VIP pass, at least befriend someone who did so you also get a pass, hahaha)

4. Those who are not chosen to receive VIP passes but are interested in buying Penshoppe items will be given 10% discount.

My stylist, Mia, dressed me up in a black tank top, draped a circular, black & white scarf around me (I love the versatility of this type of scarf!), and black bead accessories.


And this was how she dressed me up!

Mobile Tour Schedules

As of this posting, here are the schedules for the mobile tour of the Style Closet as provided by Penshoppe:

1. Nov. 22, 23 and 24 – UA&P (confirmed)
2. Nov. 25 and 26 – St. Benilde (confirmed)
3. Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 – UP (confirmed)
4. Dec. 2 and 3 – UST
5. Dec. 6 and 7 – ATENEO
6. Dec. 9 and 10 – Pacific Star/PBCOM
7. Dec. 13 and 14 – Pacific Star/PBCOM
8. Dec 15, 16 and 17 - Teletech

Watch for the Penshoppe Style Closet on these dates. Who knows? You may just get an instant clothes makeover.

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