Saturday, July 16, 2011

Globe SUPERUNLIALLTXT - only P25 a day

I'm a prepaid Globe user. I was a postpaid user before but shifted to prepaid when I stopped working and did not need to make as many calls as I used to.

Prepaid plans have served me well. I've used Globe's UNLITXT, SULITXT, SUPERSURF and POWERSURF plans depending on whether I needed to do a lot of texting or surfing the web.

But today, Globe did a one-up by launching their SUPERUNLIALLTXT plan. From that long word alone, you can guess that it combines features from the other prepaid text and surfing plans they have.

SUPERUNLIALLTXT costs P25/day only. Not bad! And here are its features:

* Unlimited texting to any network carrier - Globe, TM, Talk 'n Text, Smart, Sun for a day

* One hour FREE internet browsing

To register to SUPERUNLIALLTXT: Type UALL25 and send to 8888. Minimum balance of P1 is needed to continue using this service.

Mobile users who text and browse the internet have a better option now. In my case, I usually use a 3G connection while on the road to stay connected. Instead of subscribing to a text plan AND an internet plan, this is what I can use from now on.

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