Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coca-Cola can glasses are here!

The Coca-Cola Company and McDonald's Corporation have partnered once again to offer a series of 6 colored Coke can glasses. Only 13 McDonald's markets in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines, will be able to avail of this offer so it is a true collectible for Coke collectors.

Every time you go to McDonald's and avail of an Extra Value Meal, you can get a Coca-Cola can glass in your color of choice: blue, charcoal, green, lime, pink and purple. Just add P25 to get one glass.

This is the first time that the contemporary-shaped Coke can glass will be available through McDonald's. This is what John Hackett, Coca=Cola Pacific Group Marketing, Customer and Commercial Director said, "Coca-Cola glasses are unique collector's items, and as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola in 2011 we are excited to offer the Coca-Cola can glass to McDonald's Asia consumers for the first time. We know consumers will enjoy collecting the multiple colors, and the fizz of Coca-Cola at McDonald's".

Start collecting now. Get the entire color collection or match the glasses to your dining set by getting several of one color. 

Which color/s are you planning to get?


Joy Merced said...

I got the whole set but im not using them lol, it's part of my collection :)

Jane said...

Hi Joy. You're not alone. My collection is intact also. :-)