Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A!life Nurtures the Nurturing Woman

Been there, done that!

I've led a very busy and fast-paced life as an IT auditor, IT consultant and banking executive for close to 20 years while trying to raise 4 kids. I almost lost our youngest child due to a threatened abortion while in the midst of a very stressful joint venture negotiation. When I quit working cold turkey to become a full-time homemaker, my busy day just shifted from work to home. I became busy attending to the needs of the children, making myself very visible as class officer, then parent council member.

My life is similar to those of other women out there who pursue a second career while still trying to be as nurturing as possible to children and to spouse. Our days are not over when we come home. We just exchange our corporate hat for our homemaker hat. This life can get very stressful when children and spouse get sick because we have a third hat - that of a caregiver.

The woman who takes care of everyone has to have someone (or something) take care of her as well so she can continue functioning the way she wants to. I know what it is like to be so busy that sometimes I forego a meal or forget to take my vitamins. And when I get sick, my family seems at a loss as to how to take care of me because I normally take care of them!

This is what Pascual Laboratories was thinking of when it created the A!life line just for women. The people behind Pascual Laboratories came up with 6 different supplements, with each one addressing a particular health concern of a woman to nurture the woman's needs so she can continue to nurture her loved ones.

The products that they presented to us during the launch are the following:

a!life Protect - for healthy, radiant skin
Free radicals pose a health risk to people, making them ill, overweight and lethargic. These are released into the body by stress, pollution, poor diet, radiation, pesticides, etc. Constant sun exposure of skin to UV light also generates oxygen radicals which damage skin cells and connective tissues. a!life Protect is said to contain Pynogenol, a super antioxidant that helps to protect the immune system against the free radicals while inhibiting inflammation caused by UV exposure. 

a!life Posture - for stronger bones and better posture
For older women like me, the risk of osteoporosis is very real. a!life Posture contains Ostivone, a bone health nutrient that stimulates the formation of new bones and inhibits the loss of healthy bone cells. Scientifically known as ipriflavone, it significantly increases bone mineral density, especially when taken with calcium. Being found to be osteopenic for some time now, this is the supplement that I will start taking in hopes of reversing my condition to some extent.

a!life Trim - to manage blood sugar levels and for a trim figure
Our diet these days have a lot of processed sugars, starches and fats. a!life Trim contains ampalaya and banaba which lower blood sugar levels by controlling insulin levels. Proper management of sugar levels help in trimming one's figure as well. This is a supplement that is also good for those at risk of diabetes.

a!life - for that extra energy boost
Women like me on the go cannot afford to be low on energy before the day is over. a!life Energy contains malunggay (moringga), an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster.

a!life Restore - an anti-aging supplement
a!life Restore contains Injuv, a Hyaluronic Acid that is supposed to moisturize from within, erasing sings of wrinkles and fine lines.

a!life Control - controls weight and blood sugar levels
Phase 2, an all-natural white bean extract, is a main ingredient in a!life Control, to minimize the absorption of carbohydrates. This lower caloric impact, combined with a sensible diet and exercise, assists in controlling one's weight.

a!life's 5 Ambassadors were presented to media as well, each one representing one of the a!life products because her lifestyle complements the product. Lucy Torres, congresswoman and celebrity, represented a!life Control, Shawn Yao, a TV personality and pilates enthusiast, represented a!life Posture. Lorraine Lapus, athlete and business executive, represented a!life Energy. Lexi Schulze, TV personality and anti-cancer advocate, stood for a!life Protect and Patty Betita, model/image consultant, represented a!life Restore.

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You are a superwoman miss Jane... you know what... when I was watching the Kylie concert last night, I was so reminded of you. Dunno why, I just did *hugs*