Sunday, April 14, 2013

Human Nature brings on Tough Love

Human Nature products are very much a part of my life. My shampoo and conditioner, insect repellant, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and some makeup are from Human Nature. It has been a conscious move on my part to switch from chemical-based stuff around the house to products which are not only gentle to my skin but also environment-friendly.

But recently I received 2 new Human Nature products which are NOT just gentle; they are TOUGH as well!!! And they should be, because they need to wash away dirt where it matters. At the same time, they are so natural that they can be discharged into the environment without polluting it.

This is the new home care brand that Human Nature recently introduced into the market - their TOUGH LOVE home care line -- Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid and Natural Liquid Detergent (100% Natural).

Both products have absolutely no phosphates, chlorine, bleach, dyes, enzymes, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners, and other harmful chemicals found in common household cleaners --a big plus for me since I have long chucked my chemical-based disinfectants, roach killers, household cleaners (some) and replaced them with non-toxic ones.

The grapefruit-orange scented dishwashing liquid ended up with my household experts, our 2 yayas, who told me that it was as effective in removing grease, dirt and food from dishes as the dishwashing liquid we normally use.

I ended up trying the orange-scented liquid detergent. The label instructions were for a washing machine but I used it instead as a detergent to hand wash my delicates. Not bad. On the first wash with moderately hot water, I noticed that the body oils from my delicates came off and formed a thin oily film on the water. I poured out the water after an overnight soak and did a second washing. By then, the delicates looked and smelled clean. A thorough rinsing and it was ready for sun drying.

Tough Love really went tough on what it had to clean and I know that when it goes down our drains and out into canals and the sea, it does no harm or leave chemical residue in the water or soil.

I just have one request from Human Nature -- in case you make another variant for the laundry detergent, please make one with the scent of flowers. I love that scent on my clothes...

Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid sells for PhP 99.75 (250ml) while Tough Love Natural Laundry Detergent sells for PhP 329.75 (950ml). 

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