Friday, January 15, 2010

Link to ACET Results 2010-2011

I am just as eager as everyone else to see the ACET results since my son took it.

As early as last week, students had been checking online since the results were supposed to have been released by Jan. 9 but eventually moved a week.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. As I told my son, everything is in God's Hands and we need to be ready for anything, good or not so good.

The latest announcement is that the ACET results will be released tomorrow, January 16, at 1 PM.

Here is the link: ACET RESULTS 2010-2011.

Good luck to all who took it! And remember, when a door closes, it is God's way of refocusing your gaze which, is fixed on the door, towards the direction of a window He opens.

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