Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How do I love Samsung Smart TV? Let me count the ways...

Ok, I admit that title is probably too cheesy. But really, I am such a gadget lover (even if I can't afford it most times) and we've been hearing about convergent technology for some time already.

I think we're now getting very much closer to total convergence -- where just one device has the features of several gadgets combined like TV, internet, mobile. And I saw it at iblog7 in early April.

Samsung, one of the sponsors of iblog7, brought in this eye candy, 46-inch smart TV that caught my eye all the way from the back of the theater. Who wouldn't ogle it? It was W-I-D-E. And thin (like the side view of my iPad).  During the break when they took it to the lobby of Malcolm Hall, I was one of those who stood around and admired it - not just from the front but from the side AND from the back as well. Here's that "quarter turn please" look:

Now, a quarter turn, please?

And....another quarter turn, please?

So from the aesthetic point of view, I'm already in love with this Samsung smart LED TV. I know just the spot in my home for it -- almost anywhere!!! Because if it is that thin (see those 4 legs?) I don't need a special TV stand or table that is over a foot deep. This TV will be such a space saver for me. For a mommy with 4 kids, I'm always running out of space. This space-saving feature, for me, is TOPS!

Let me now count how many different ways I can use the Samsung Smart LED TV:

As a TV

1. We can watch 2D movies - After all, this is a TV, right? 
2. We can watch 3D movies - It's 3D-enabled. That means once I sync the required 3D glasses with the TV, we can watch 3D movies from the comfort of our home. First movie in my 3D cinematic list? Avatar!

As a Multimedia Player

3. MP3s on a USB stick can go into the USB slot behind the TV and voila! I can listen to my music from anywhere in the room.
4. With the same USB stick, I can watch videos in MP4 format! 

As a Gaming Console

5. I can download from a wide choice of gaming apps and get the whole family to play them on thhe 46-inch screen. Whether it's Sudoku Plus, Bejeweled 2, or some other game, for sure my kids will spend hours on this TV. 

As my Skype Device

6. See this? This is how we get to talk to my girl who is in China right now. That's a 13-inch screen with an itsy-bitsy picture of my girl in one window and work on another window. 

We need to crowd around that laptop just to get a view of her and hear her voice. Now, take this Samsung TV and we can divide all 46 inches into 2 windows and all of us will still be able to see her without craning our necks! And hear her voice in surround sound too. Cool!

As a Digital Picture Frame

7. I just need to hook up my digicam or videocam using a USB cable and I can have all photos in my camera or videos in my videocam play on the big screen. Imagine a slideshow on that big screen. During family gatherings at home, this is the perfect way to show off family pictures to a large crowd.

Surf the Net

8. This is where convergent technology really matters - bringing web content into TV. With my wireless network at home that I can connect to the Samsung TV, I can surf the web in one window and watch TV in another. No more looking down at laptop, looking up to watch TV. Everything I need to watch and do is on one device.

As a Power Saver

9. The Eco light sensor in the Samsung TV measures brightness in the periphery of the TV and brightens or dims the screen as needed. This saves energy in the long run.

10. Another energy saver is opening just one device to surf and watch TV rather than opening a laptop and a TV set. The Samsung LED TV is energy-efficient too, unlike my old TV set here which not only has a smaller screen but also has that bulky back, to boot.

I truly would love to have the Samsung LED TV in my living room. For me and my family, it is a game-changer as far as how we use our various devices at home.

(This is my first entry to Samsung Smart TV's blogger contest.)


SirNicolay said...

I just got a Samsung LED tv last week. It's the Series 5, 32 incher. Love it to bits. Not really a fan of the Internet + TV combo, because I prefer to surf with my iPad and mac, and for the game console thing, I have my gadgets already. With the multimedia USB drive capability, I have yet to try it; it's available also with the model I bought but I have my WDTv for that function.

Like you, I am in love with gadgets and latest technology stuff. :D

Jane said...

@SirNicolay - May I officially say -- I am soooohhh inggit that you're already enjoying a Samsung TV! Hahaha. Yes, from what you've described so far, you're indeed a gadget geek. Thanks for the comment!

skysenshi said...

OMG. Grabe na. I'm totally loving my new Samsung phone and to find out that they have a TV that's as smart as this...I think I should keep away from my wallet and throw away my credit cards na.

Jane said...

@skysenshi - Exciting times we're in! This is where convergent technology is really bringing us. One day, we'd be able to take TV around with us on our wrist or in some portable device. That's happening already.