Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dolcelatte: More than the usual cafe

Their facade doesn't tell you the whole story and maybe many, like me, who go there for the first time will think that Dolcelatte is yet another cafe in the metro. Well, it turns out that I was the one pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a lot more than just a cafe.

I cannot blog about what we ate the day a few of us gathered. We were taste testing some new dishes and for now it's a shhhhhhhh....But do watch out for another post once they've finalized their offerings.

But let me tell you now what Dolcelatte is and what more it offers.

Dolcelatte's facade

The interiors impressed me. They were tasteful, done in vibrant colors with subtle lighting touches. To one side was a tiny fountain area that provided the relaxing sounds of running water.

Their breads and cakes are made by their very own commissary that manages the restaurant's supply chain and looking out for consistency and quality of their products.

View from the front 
View from the back

Bread and cookies pillar

Running water under the stairs leading to 2nd floor. Nice!

After our meal, we were given a tour of what was on the second floor and that was the surprise we got. Dolcelatte was so much more spacious than we thought! There were enough function rooms and conference rooms up there for people looking for a cheaper alternative to hotels! 

For a small group of about 20 that wants to meet without the ambience of a corporate room or a hotel, they have a room with a crystal chandelier, high-back chairs and wooden shutters to keep out some but not all of the light streaming in from the glass windows.

There are 3 boardrooms, with shiny and expensive looking boardroom tables and executive chairs. The smallest is Erico (minimum of 8 persons). Two other rooms are larger - Eugenio (minimum of 10 persons) and Emilio (minimum of 14 persons).

Lounge area near Eugenio Room

Eugenio Room

Emilio Room

The Candida function room is great for birthdays, debuts, christening and other such events as it is able to seat from 30-200 guests.

Candida function room. There are dividers that open up to 2 more spaces
like this to accommodate more guests.
We discovered a medical library with a huge research area and lots of computers as well as an out-of-the-way 3-level bookstore. Cool!

Medical books beautifully displayed on glass shelves

Research area of library

Top view of bookstore's 2nd level

Bookstore's ground level

Bookstore's lower ground level

Dolcelatte was a surprising discovery in terms of so much more that it had to offer.

If your company is looking for a breath of fresh air and a location for meetings and planning sessions that do not have to take you out of town and is quite reasonable, check out Dolcelatte and ask for their packages.

1616 South Triangle
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Tel (02) 425-0313 loc. 109
Open Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 10pm


Dolcelatte Restaurant said...

Hi Ms Jane! thank you for the good remarks! btw, we are already serving some of the dishes that you have reviewed :)

Jane said...

Oh wonderful! I hope when you see this comment, you'll get back to me and let me know which dishes are now being offered.