Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skin Care Talk with Celeteque Dermoscience's Brand Ambassador, Dr. Eric Schweiger

Celeteque is a household name in my home. I use it. My girls use it. I've been with the brand since they were first introduced in the market years ago. Back then, I attended a blogger event for this still unknown brand that was supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I tried the product sample and since then was hooked.

Recently, I was invited to meet Celeteque's brand ambassador. The surprise we all got was finding out that their brand ambassador was not a local showbiz celebrity at all. In fact, the ambassador was not a she but a HE! And a US-based dermatologist at that!

Meet Dr. Eric Schweiger, a Certified Board Dermatologist and owner of Schweiger Dermatology NYC (as in New York City)! Dr. Eric has a private practice in Manhattan and take note, he has celebrity clients (which he could not name, of course). Dr. Eric said that he was very careful about product endorsements and has actually turned away many offers. According to him, there are things he looks for in a product. The ingredients should be dermo-grade (medically active derma ingredients) and the label should specifically say that the product was tested and proven through a clinical study because for him, it is the gold standard.

When Celeteque contacted him, he had them send over to him the entire product line to test. It took a while for him to try the products but in the end, he was satisfied with the dermoscience claims of the product and agreed to be its brand ambassador. That says a lot about Celeteque and actually makes the product lines very credible because it's a real-life dermatologist talking, not just some pretty face.

Dr. Eric differentiated cosmetic skincare products from Dermo-Cosmetics, which started as a specialized skin care category in Europe. Dermo-Cosmetic products combine the efficacy of derma-grade ingredients with dermatologists' expertise in skin care. Many cosmetic products simply conceal cosmetically while products incorporating dermoscience actually work on rejuvenating, repairing and restoring skin.

Celeteque had set up an area where skin analysis could be done. Bloggers could peer into a device with very bright lights so that the skin and pores were magnified and could be properly analyzed by skin consultants. I did not bother to have my skin analyzed as I knew already that I badly needed restorative and anti-aging treatment so instead, I decided to take a look-see where the product lines were all displayed.Wow, I did not know that Celeteque already had 6 different product lines: Hydration, Sun Care, Acne Solutions, Brightening, Advanced Anti-aging and Restorative

A nice take-off from Dr. Eric's interview with Angel Jacob was a demonstration of how dermoscience instantly works on skin. The skin consultants came over to our tables and asked volunteers for a before-and-after skin analysis.

I volunteered to have my skin analyzed. They had this device which they pressed on my skin to determine its moisture level.

Here's my hand being analyzed by the device

My face was tested too!

Before applying Celeteque moisturizer, my moisture level was 43.7

After applying Celeteque moisturizer, it read 57.2

In the coming months, I will be trying out the Restorative and Anti-aging product lines of Celeteque because these are the most appropriate at my age. Exciting to see what it will do to my skin, fine lines and wrinkles!

Advanced Anti-aging

Advanced Anti-aging



Have you ever tried Celeteque? Which one did you love the most?


Rochelle said...

Thanks for attending the event! And thanks for the support to Celeteque!

Anonymous said...

I always loved Celeteque! Back in college, I always had a very dry skin and was skeptical to use any other skin products because I easily get allergic reactions. Celeteque (moisturizer, toner and facial wash) is the only brand that I'll ever stick with when it comes to my facial care. Even those expensive brands (trust me, I've tried everything that's in the market) don't hold a candle with Celeteque. It's a perfect makeup base too. :)

Jeremy Kutcher said...

I've seen Dr. Eric Schweiger in a US TV show. As far as i know he is one of the reputable dermatologist in New York.

Pauline Reyes said...

Thanks for sharing your experience in attending the event. When I was 18, I use Celeteque products, but when I got hooked with online shopping I only buy products available at Kallony.

Lex said...

Is it avail. In europe or where do i buy online around europe?