Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amanda, Loving Life: a lifestyle show celebrating motherhood and womanhood

I've always known Amanda Griffin to be a popular VJ, host and supermodel but she disappeared from the celebrity scene some time back. At that time, it seemed that her face could be seen in almost every major event, show or happening around town. Then she suddenly disappeared from the scene.

Recently I saw her at an event, very pregnant, but still so gorgeous. Apparently, when she left the limelight, Amanda settled in Hong Kong with her husband David Jacob and their 2-year old son, Kieran. The once popular and sought-after, multi-talented celebrity had changed all her hats for motherhood.

Looking at her blooming while in that very delicate state, I conclude that Amanda really took on her new role like fish takes to water and became a hands-on mother. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Amanda used all her knowledge and resources and poured these into her very own website, Glam-O-Mamas (, which became an online resource guide for young, newbie mothers.

But....she's back!!!

Amanda has become the perfect host for a new lifestyle show where she shares her own personal journey, views and tips on balancing her role as mother, wife, career woman and modern urban dweller. She now hosts a show every Sunday, 7:30 PM on the Lifestyle Network.

Watch this teaser video:

Catch Amanda on the Lifestyle Network weekly and learn all about loving life...

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Rae said...

I've been waiting for this show. In her first teaser she said this: "A glamarous mom is a fit and strong woman."

It moved me.

Anyway, I got excited when I found out that you also worked in SGV and that you were also an IT auditor.