Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Figaro's Avalanche of Flavors

Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company, recently introduced us to an avalanche (yes, that many) flavors of iced coffee and cakes. These yummy beverages are available already in any of Figaro's outlets.

Each of these iced coffee variants costs PhP 130 for the 16 oz. and PhP 150 for the 20 oz.

White Chocolate Mocha Frost
White chocolate mocha topped with whipped cream makes up this beverage. Creamy but not too sweet. Of the four variants I tried, this is the least sweet and actually a bit bland for my taste. Those watching their sugar intake may want to go for this one.

Choco Chip Java Frost
This was my preferred variant because I'm such a chocolate-y person and the chocolate flavoring plus the choco chips just got me. I like the experience of sipping the chocolate while crunching down on those choco chips.

Figaroccino Cookie Crumble
Here's another fave of mine. Oreo cookies crumbled into bits and used as topping over the iced coffee.
Well, okay, maybe I like the Choco Chip variant more but I think my Oreo-loving kids will go for this one.

Figaroccino Caramel Chip Frost

Because of its caramel chips, this one is more on the sweet side for those with a really strong sweet tooth. Somehow, this tasted like the sweeter version of the White Chocolate Frost with the added caramel sprinkles on top.

Of course, it could not be complete without the dessert combinations.

Carrot Cake (PhP 105/slice)
The Carrot Cake is moist sponge cake with shredded carrots and almond bits mixed into it. Carrot cakes are always a favorite with me.

Orange Coffee Cake (PhP 105/slice)

The Orange Coffee Cake is a soft, sponge cake that has an orangey flavor to it. To add texture to it, Figaro added bittersweet, coffee-flavored crumbs. It's quite a combination to taste that sweet/sour orange flavor followed by the coffee flavor alongside it. And yes, this one goes very well with a piping mug of hot coffee.

Lastly, we had a choice of chicken or fish for dinner. I went for the Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce with Rice Pilaf and absolutely had no regrets! Not only was the dory fillet tasteful with that crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside texture but the pesto sauce and rice pilaf spelled H-E-A-L-T-H-Y. I loved the touch of mango and cucumber cubes on the side.

Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce with Rice Pilaf (PhP 150)