Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amway Home: Going Even More Green

For some time now, I have been making the slow move to greener and more environment-friendly cleaners. Those which I found too strong but still useful, I donated to a government hospital.

When I received an invitation to learn more about Amway Home - Amway's line of home cleaners which were made better for the environment - I readily went to see what it was all about.

First, meet Dr. Phil Sliva

Dr. Phil Sliva of Amway was in town to explain the improved line of Amway Home. Dr. Sliva is Amway's Senior Research Scientist and Chemist for the Home Care Product Development group so he should know what he is talking about. He is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Oil Chemists Society, and the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Formulator Round Table. His Amway team is responsible for the BioQuest Formula found in many Amway products including its popular LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner (formerly Frisk).

Dr. Phil Sliva

Apparently, Amway already had a biodegradable cleaner as far back as the 1950s -- Frisk. It eventually became LOC which stood for Liquid Organic Cleaner or Liquid Organic Compound. During those days, no one was really that concerned about biodegradable features. Today, we are becoming more concerned that toxic chemicals found in commercial cleaning products are flushed down our drains and end up in rivers where they affect the environment. So even back then, taking care of the environment was already in Amway's mind.

The Bioquest Formula

On every Amway product, you will see a seal that says "BioQuest formula". That seal means 4 things: Concentrated (less waste, less water, less energy), Biodegradable, Dermatologist Tested (gentle on any skin type) and Derived from natural sources (improved formulas made with more ingredients from nature such as coconut-based surfactants and cleaning agents, naturally-produced organic acids, and fragrances derived from natural essential oils).

Amway Home

Amway Home is a line of products that encompass environmental safety and high performance. It is an umbrella brand that covers existing product brand names. So now, Amway Home carries the following products under this umbrella:

LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner (1L)

For decades, LOC has been a popular household name, known to homemakers as a concentrated, multipurpose cleaner. It can be used on all washable surfaces at home like floors, bathrooms, kitchen and other household surfaces. It now contains natural, renewable cleaning agents like coconut oil to help remove dirt and grime. LOC has no harmful chemicals or abrasives and surfaces become shiny and residue-free after cleaning. Because it has a neutral pH and mild surfactants, it is safe to use even if you scoured surfaces without using protective gloves.

LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner (SRP PhP 360)

Here's a demo similar to the one shown to us during the event. It proves that LOC's pH is gentle enough for human skin.

SA8 All Fabric Bleach (1 Kg)

This active oxygen bleach eliminates the toughest colored stains like tea, coffee, wine, fruit juice and more. Many bleach products contain chlorine or phosphates and when those go down the drain, they contaminate the environment. SA8 does not have these ingredients.

SA8 All Fabric Bleach (SRP PhP 910)

Dr. Sliva said one of their more popular demos was the dollar washing demo. Money laundering, he kidded. I would have wanted to see that in action but he had no soaked dollar with him. Anyway, here is a demo that Amway prepared.

Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid (1L)

Because it is concentrated, just one drop can produce suds that last a long time and able to clean so many more dishes compared to less concentrated products. They've added Aloe Vera to the formulation for a soft and smooth effect on skin, plus an anti-inflammatory botanical called shiso, and AHA to protect your hands. And more importantly, it still stays powerful enough to cut through grease and even dried-on dirt.

Dish Drops (SRP PhP 585)

Watch Dr. Sliva show how just one drop of this dishwashing liquid produces a surprisingly large amount of bubbles.

Amway Home seems well on its way to providing us with household products that are so much better for our own health and for the environment. This is something that I laud as we become more concerned about the ill effects of packaging and plastics that are adding to the planet's trash.

If you are concerned about the environment while still getting products that clean effectively, try out Amway Home.

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