Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shop during Black Friday from the Philippines with Globe GCASH and American Express

Black Friday in the United States (that's this November 23!) is always a long-awaited shopping spree day after Thanksgiving when huge gadgets, appliances and just above everything drops heftily. It is not uncommon to see long lines of people outside stores at dawn waiting for the shops to open. And even more people visit online shopping sites to avail of the huge discounts available. Of course, one has to be in the United States to avail of all these and those of us here in the Philippines have been left pretty much to ourselves to ogle and be envious of those who could get their hands on the items of their dreams for so much less.

Well, if Globe and American Express were to be asked now, they'd probably yell in unison, "Not anymore!"

They've come up with something that will allow you to buy from Best Buy, K-Mart, Target, Amazon and more this coming Black Friday -- the GCASH American Express Virtual Card!

"With the GCASH American Express Virtual Card, you simply need your GCASH wallet to pay for your purchases even if you don’t have a credit card. And what is good about the Virtual Card is that even if most US online sites only deliver within the US you don’t have to worry how to get the goods delivered to the Philippines. We provide you with a personalized US address where your goods can be delivered and from there, you can have them shipped to the Philippines right to your doorstep at very low shipping rates,” said Paolo Baltao, President of G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI), a fully-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom and operator of GCASH.

Here's how:

1. Register your GCASH wallet and email address online at www.globe.com.ph/gcash-amex

2. Once your account has been validated, you will immediately receive your virtual card number, your personalized US shipping address, and other pertinent information via email so you can already start shopping.

3. Just remember that you need to have enough balance in your GCASH wallet for the transaction to push through. Converting cash to GCASH is FREE at over 7,000 GCASH outlets nationwide.

4. First-time subscribers get a one month free trial. After the trial, subscribers can continue with the subscription by paying as low as P250 per year via GCASH or have it charged to their postpaid bill. Monthly and semi-annual subscriptions are also available.

More details on this service are available HERE.

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