Saturday, November 24, 2012

The 2012 Starbucks Christmas Food Items

Want to know what Christmas goodies are available at Starbucks already? We got a sampling of them recently. Here they are!

New Items

Chocolate Cake made with Splenda (slice-PhP 150, whole-PhP 1,650)
A diabetic chocolate lover's dream come true, the Chocolate Cake made with Splenda is going to be a popular, sugar-free dessert item for sure. Several layers of sugar-free chocolate sponge cake is filled with sugar-free chocolate cream filling, iced with chocolate ganache and topped off with a dark chocolate garnish.

Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake with Nestle Crunch (slice-PhP 140, whole-PhP 1,450)

Cheesecake lovers, this is a must try for you. The Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake with Nestle Crunch melts in your mouth just like chocolate truffle is the base filling, topped with lots of chopped Nestle Crunch chocolate (one of my favorite kinds of chocolate!!!).

Dark Cherry Silvana (PhP 95)

Much like a regular butter silvana, the Dark Cherry Silvana is made of creamy chocolate butter cream icing but with a twist. It is topped with bits of chopped maraschino cherries in between crunchy meringue layers, glazed with Belgian chocolate and topped with grated chocolate shavings. A maraschio cherry finishes off the top for accent.

Chicken Fajita Roll (PhP 95)

Chicken Fajita Roll is like a stuffed loaf of bread done up in Mexican style. The stuffing is made of Mexican flavored chicken breast and cream cheese. On the top of the bread are toppings of cheddar cheese, red and green peppers to give it a Christmas-y look.

Garlic Roasted Chicken Wrap (PhP 150)

One of my favorite wraps, pita bread, is filled with garlic roasted chicken rolling in Italian spices and sauteed fresh assorted veggies, then drizzled with a special garlic sauce. This is the Garlic Roasted Chicken Wrap.

Holiday Apple Glazed Porkloin Roast on Jalapeno Cheese Bread (PhP 160)
We were supposed to have the Holiday Apple Glazed Porkloin Roast on Jalapeno Cheese Bread but during our event, the bread was unavailable so we had the porkloin roast on ordinary bread. Not as great, I suppose, but maybe it means I need to go and order the real thing another time. Best when served warm!

Christmas Turkey & Chicken with Pear Chutney on Cranberry and Walnut Bread (PhP 160)
Turkey slices and chicken breast fillet combine in a cranberry and walnut bread spread over with pear chutney. The Christmas Turkey & Chicken with Pear Chutney is best served warm!

Returning Favorites

Starbucks brings back five (5) popular food items.

Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf (slice - PhP 60; whole - PhP 550)
The Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf (whole) looks like a moist, chocolate loaf. Sliced through, you find that it is frosted with smooth chocolate icing and topped with crunchy toffee for that nutty texture. It's not too sweet also so just right for my taste.

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie (PhP 60)
Cookie lovers, you'll love how big and chewy the White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie is. Bite into it and you taste the chunky white chocolate mixed in with freshly roasted walnuts and great antioxidants - chopped dried cranberries. 

Peppermint Brownie (PhP 80)
I love mint chocolates so it's natural that I'd take to the Peppermint Brownie right away.  This is made of fudgy, chewy chocolate brownie with peppermint cream cheese filling. Its topped with chocolate ganache and decorated like a Christmas tree with white, red and green chocolate drizzle, accented by small golden edible beads.

Gingerbread Cookie (PhP 55)
The Gingerbread Cookie is baaaack!!! Of course this year's designs are different from last year's but inside, it's the same, loved ginger, allspice and cinnamon combination that gives the cookie its fragrance and flavoring as well.

Vanilla Pecan Butterscotch Twirl (PhP 90)
The Vanilla Pecan Butterscotch Twirl is a wonderfully light and flaky spiral roll. Biting into it, you taste the cinnamon and vanilla pastry cream filling together with its topping of roasted pecans drizzled with butterscotch sauce and slivers of white chocolate stripes across it. 


the Christmas seasonal favorites (Toffee Nut Latte, Dark Cherry Mocha and Peppermint Mocha) are here too. Tall - PhP 155, Grande - PhP 165, Venti - PhP 180.

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