Sunday, March 3, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I have a blender and two (2) vacuum cleaners at home. They do their job but I do not use them all the time. Why? Because the volume level is just too high for my low-noise tolerance ears.

See this little baby that looks like R2D2, the cute robot of Star Wars fame? It's the newer of my two vacuum cleaners.

It does its job; it can handle both wet and dry cleaning. Almost perfect -- save for its terrible noise level which cannot be adjusted. The first time I turned it on while trying to vacuum away the cobwebs from our bathroom ceiling, I almost went deaf. Because our bathroom was enclosed, the cacophony surrounded the entire small space, amplifying what was already very loud noise to begin with. Add to that the fact that it strongly ejected very warm air while it was running, making me wonder whether all that air being emitted was clean or whether some of the dust it was sucking in was being thrown back out into the air.

And this is my current dilemma. I need our home to be as quiet and as clean as possible.

You see, my husband just recently underwent a surgical operation. We spent our Valentine's Day in the hospital. It has not been a week yet since we've come back home after spending two long weeks there and everyone around, including the kids, are tiptoe-ing around trying to be as quiet as possible so our patient can get his much-needed sleep (because who says you can sleep decently in a hospital, right???). I also know that sudden loud noise is jarring to the ears and can elevate blood pressure unnecessarily.

While we were away, the house went through general cleaning so our vacuum cleaner was put to good use. But now that our patient is home, he needs to rest most of the day and yet the room where he is in as well as the rest of the house need to be regularly cleaned to keep it free of dust to minimize risks of infection. How do I do that with my fully functional but extremely noisy (and possibly less-than-clean) vacuum cleaner?

His diet also requires a lot of fruits and vegetables so we have resorted to blending smoothies so he gets a good concentration of them. Wouldn't it be neat if I had a silent blender to replace this 20-something year old blender of mine?

My dilemma may soon be over if I can get my hands on either or both of these Electrolux products:

#1 - The Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender

Showing the silent settings of the blender

Force without the noise...

#2 - The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green

Silent but strong...
With attachments

Tops for me is the silent feature. Imagine the joy of being able to vacuum, for example, the patient's room without disturbing his nap, or running the blender in the nearby kitchen without fear of disturbing him. For the Ultra Silencer Green, I love the fact that it cleans the exhaust air by more than 99.99% before releasing it again into the atmosphere. When I now have to be extra careful about sanitation, food handling, and contamination of whatever sort, such green features are always a PLUS for me.

In a sense, our life has changed. Weekends in the past were spent with the kids at home and sometimes with us going out to a family lunch or dinner. That is not possible for now as we always need to consider the needs of our patient. But the weekend is slowly becoming more special in a different way. It is becoming a time when family really comes first, when the patient who used to care for us and our needs now needs caring. It is the time when we have the most opportunity to show our love even in the worst of times. So having a quiet, relaxing weekend is part of that ambience that we are trying to foster.

It would be a wonderful opportunity to be able to use something like the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green or the Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender to help us care for our loved one in a relaxed, quiet way. These 2 powerful but quiet appliances remind me of the saying "Silent waters run deep". Indeed.

Find out more about the silent Electrolux products and its other offerings on their official website.
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