Sunday, June 30, 2013

Extreme Singing Fun with Xtreme Magic Sing

If there is one thing inherent in our culture, it is the love for singing. Go to any Pinoy reunion, office gathering, wedding or house party and there is sure to be singing somewhere.

I remember that our first karaoke of sorts was a standing cassette player. It had large speakers down its front. The control panel was on top for volume as well as speed and pitch adjustments. It served as an ordinary cassette player as well as a karaoke with the minus one cassette tapes. A wired microphone plugged into an audio port for sing-a-longs.

One day, someone gifted us with a Magic Sing and that revolutionized the way sing-a-longs were done. We had a wide selection of songs to choose from, ranging from the 50s to the 90s. Still pictures of tourist spots in the Philippines, scored singing, and lyrics onscreen made karaoke the entertainment of choice in many households. Different song chips gave even wider choices of favorite hits and genres began popping like religious songs, OPM (Original Pinoy Music) and others.

Well, guess what. In a recent event hosted by Xtreme Magic Sing at TeaTap Cafe, the bloggers were given a glimpse of the innovations that have come to the simple karaoke machine.

Here are the 3 variants available now on Xtreme Magic Sing:

Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond

The top-of-the-line Diamond comes with 2 digital wireless microphones with controls. Some of the its features include:

* 2,627 built-in songs (with a mixture of English and OPM songs)
* Built-in high definition (HD) picture and video background
* High fidelity sound quality
* Personalized video & picture background (customizable with your own photos)
* Real-time search by title, artist and 1st lyric line
* Plug and play into any TV (CRT, LED, LCD)
* Personalized playlist that can save up to 100 songs
* Unlimited song recording using its internal memory that enables you to transfer the recording directly into the USB device in mp3 format
* 4-song chip slots
* Dual video output (RCA jack and HDMI cable connections)
* USB 2.0 slot for USB devices (can handle flash drives up to 16GB or hard drives up to 1 terabyte)
* 2-year warranty on parts and services

The Diamond retails for PhP 19.899.

Xtreme Magic Sing Platinum

The mid-range Xtreme Magic Sing Platinum comes with 1 digital wireless microphone and 1 wired high-quality microphone. 2,422 songs (English and OPM) come with it. Some of its features are:

* 80 picture backgrounds (local and international)
* Real-time search by title and artist
* Personalized playlist up to 100 songs
* Plug and play into any TV
* 6 song chip slots
* External video function using live source (videocam or player)
* 8 interactive games
* 2-year warranty on parts and service

The Platinum Xtreme Magic Sing retails for PhP 15,499.

Xtreme Magic Sing Karat

The newest and most affordable addition to the Xtreme Magic Sing family is the Karat.

The Karat comes with one (1) videoke microphone with controls. 2,300 songs are built into it (both English and OPM). Some features of the Karat are:

* Plug and play into the TV
* Real-time search by title and artist
* Recording function via recording chip (100 minutes)
* Personalized playlist up to 100 songs
* 4 song chip slots
* 8 interactive games
* 2 years warranty on parts and service

The Karat retails for PhP 6,900.

Just one note: If you are thinking of buying a portable karaoke like this one. There are 2 brands out in the market that look almost similar. Look specifically for the Xtreme Magic Sing brand if you want to get any of these 3 variants.

Xtreme Magic Sing
Showroom: 3/F Richbelt Tower, 17 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel. (02) 726-2442, (02) 726-9999, (02) 726-2443, (02) 726-2449

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