Monday, December 30, 2013

Lock & Lock opens at the new wing of Shangri-la Plaza

The Korean brand of storage containers, Lock & Lock, known for its 4-sided snap-and-lock feature, invited the SoMoms recently to be one of the first visitors at their newest location in Shangri-la Plaza along EDSA.

If you've gone to the 4th floor of Lock & Lock before at the original wing of Shangri-la Plaza, then this is your heads-up that they've moved already. They're now at the 6th level of the new wing of the mall.

While you may think that Lock & Lock is only about plastic storage containers, you will be surprised to know that they also offer Boroseal glassware, cookware and storage bins, among others. I learned about it the first time we went to their main outlet along Araneta Avenue in Sta. Mesa.

To read about Lock & Lock in a previous visit of mine, click here.

A short presentation familiarized us with some new products you can now find at Lock & Lock.


The bottoms and covers of these Lock & Lock round containers screw into each other. They're great for storing in your ref without fear of them toppling over. They are great space savers as well.


This Korean pan is just right for bulgogi and other grilling dishes on the fly. It features non-slip silicone handles that keep your grip always cool and comfy. A hard, anodizing process coats the surface. The grooved surface was purposely designed so that the fat from the meat slabs drain quickly to the sides. In just a couple of minutes, your meat is already cooking - FAST!

And just to make the experience more fun, two of our SoMoms had a cooking contest after a hearty lunch at Wee Nam Kee using a Speed Cook pan. They had to cook as many pancakes as they could in a couple of minutes!

Tin and Tina cook it out! 


The creativity of the Koreans (like those really nifty and comfy features in our Korean SUV) is evident also in Lock & Lock products. For example, we were shown this Korean cookware with a cover. Check what else they've thought up to incorporate into its design.

It looks cute as it is right? With ergonomic, cool handles and cover

Those 3 holes allow the steam inside to escape without having to constantly lift the cover

Turn the casserole's cover over and it can be a serving plate

And see those two holes on the cover's yellow top? That's where your chopsticks go. Neat!


The CookPlus pans come with improved features:

1. 3-layer bottom - While it is not visible to the eye, the pans now have 3 layers so they are more durable (the bottom layer is high purity aluminum, followed by hard anodizing layer, and lastly, the non-stick coating which is what you see on the pan. The underside of the pans also are scratch resistant, as demonstrated to us. The presenter got a fork and ran its prongs across the pan's underside several times without scratching it.

2. Capsule system - prevents burning of food as it allows air to travel between the capsules on the pan's surface

3. Concave system - for better heat dispersion all over the pan

4. Mix & match glossy and satin surface


Lock & Lock glassware use Boroseal, a heat-resistant glass, which is so much better than tempered glass. Tempered glass tends to shatter into small pieces when subjected to extreme heat, posing a danger to those close to it when it does. Boroseal, when it shatters, stays in large pieces so it is safer to handle. This slide shows that Boroseal has less patterns on its surface, which means it is more resistant to heat.

I had so much fun going around the store checking out the new items. I bought several water bottles which we used a lot of at home and several storage containers for the kitchen. 

But the best buy I had that day was a new item - a first aid kit with several compartments for medical supplies and medicines. It has a handle that collapses in 3 parts, making it more flexible and sturdier.

Check out Lock & Lock at Shangri-la Plaza Mall, 6th level of the new wing. They've got promo items till end of December 2013. 

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