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An empowering moment -- being free in one's skin -- with Physiogel

I was luckier than most growing up. I had oily skin. But at my age now, reality is setting in. I'm losing my oily skin and finding that many parts of my body are more dry. Once, I went to church without putting lotion on my upper arms and to my horror, I found my skin was dry in some places. Ewwww!

The first thing that people notice when they meet you is usually your eyes and your skin. The skin is an organ and... the largest one in our body!!! Your state of health and well-being is shown not only in your eyes but also in the skin. Smooth and supple skin is a sign of health and youth.

While there is nothing we can do about aging, there are a lot of things we can do to keep our skin from premature aging and even postpone the symptoms of aging like dry skin, brown spots, wrinkles and the like. With dry skin comes not only ugly scales but oftentimes, the discomfort of itchy and sensitive skin.

Lotions and moisturizers are a-plenty in the market. There are all kinds of brands and types to choose from. Many lotions moisturize skin on the surface but only for short while. They also do not really address what is going on UNDER the skin.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), makers of Physiogel, recently launched the Free In My Skin Movement that aims to free women like me who are now starting to experience the onset of dry, sensitive skin. Physiogel variants all have the patented advanced BioMimic Technology which mimics our skin's matrix-like natural lipid layers of skin that help lock in moisture. This allows Physiogel to repair dehydrated skin, rehydrate the essential barriers and revitalize the skin.

Physiogel incorporates lipids from plant sources that are similar to those found in our skin

Present at the launch of the Free In My Skin Movement was model, TV host and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge, who was just the right person to lead this movement, having been a woman who also experienced sensitive, itchy, red and dry skin.

Patti Grandidge

Have you ever experienced applying moisturizing cream or lotion on your skin only for the effect to wear off before your day is over?

Just check these shots I took of my hand when a Physiogel lady gave me the Moisture Check.

Before doing anything, she told me that I had to score above 40 if I had well-moisturized skin. I thought I'd be okay. After all, before coming to the event, I had applied lotion on my skin after my bath. Well, well, well, this was my initial score after she tested me with the Moisture Checker…

…and the verdict is…

…an embarrassing 26!!! Aarrgh!

So from the time I applied the lotion, to the time I got to the event, given the strong airconditioning inside the hotel's function room, my skin dried up again!

Next, the lady applied Physiogel cleanser on my hand. What's fascinating about this cleanser is that it can be washed off with water or simply wiped off with cotton so it acts as a leave-on skin moisturizer! I didn't know THAT!

Immediately after applying the cream, I was checked again. My Moisture Check score jumped.

10-pt improvement right away!
Next, she applied the Physiogel cream over the area just cleaned. The cream is good for overnight applications or on days when you have nowhere to go and you just want your skin to bask in moisturizing goodness. It feels a bit oily because it is meant to keep your skin bathed.

Not as big a leap but still, an improvement!

Lastly, she applied Physiogel lotion on my forearm. The lotion variant is greaseless so it is best when you need to go out and do not want to feel gooey or oily. But the effect on the skin is powerful.

43.1 -- fully moisturized!!!

This is what GSK has to say about the Free in My Skin Movement:

The Free in My Skin Movement aims to empower women to fully embrace and participate in life by freeing them from dry and sensitive skin, because having dry and sensitive skin can serve as a hindrance for women to fully function to their best abilities. This movement also aims to honor smart, strong, sensitive women who have faced their insecurities (physically and emotionally) and are now embracing and living life to the fullest.

I cannot name all the smart, strong and sensitive women who have been, and still are, a part of my life. But I honor them. Their circumstances are all different but what binds them together is the determination to rise above their circumstances.

I join all the women who have experienced dry and sensitive skin at one time or another. Feel ko kayo! But now that I am using Physiogel daily, on my face, neck, and arms, I really feel the difference. You should try it also and see how it empowers you and raises your confidence level knowing that your skin is constantly nourished, repaired and kept from premature aging.

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