Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mondelez Philippines 'glocalizes' products to bring delicious moments of joy

If you think you have never heard of Mondelez Philippines, try this…

Tang, Eden Cheese, Oreo, Cheez Whiz, Toblerone, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Halls, and Tiger Energy Biscuits.

Now is that more familiar? Thought so. What was formerly a snack company known as Kraft Foods is now Mondelez Philippines. :-)

Whether you snack on sandwiches or love chocolates and flavored bites, or whether you drink tangy and refreshing drinks, Mondelez has got it. And now, they are putting to good use their global snack-making expertise while getting the best of local flavors and incorporating these into their products.

"Glocal" (from the words 'global' and 'local') is what you get when a global snacking company, that has been in the country for the last 52 years, leverages these 2 strengths.

We got to know more about these 'glocalized' products at a blogger event at The Cookery Place, BGC.

Tang's Citrus Line

Maybe it's because Pinoys have a taste for citric beverages that makes Tang the #1 powdered beverage drink in the Philippines according to Nielsen Retail Audit. Tang now comes in 3 distinct citric flavors  for the Filipino palate (Calamansi, Honey Lemon and Dalandan) and is made with real fruit extract.

Eden Mayo and Eden Sandwich Spread

These are year-round favorites because mayo and sandwich spread products are the staple of the students' baon (school snacks). And during summer, these are still very much used for baon to the beach or picnic areas, or even for snacking on the road. In our house, we always have Eden cheese (the huge block cheese variant) because we all love cheese and eat it by itself or include it in dishes we make. This time, Eden placed these two products in resealable spounts and stand-up pouches -- the perfect packaging on the go. I have been using these two products even at home because I find them easier to open and close. Since they are in pouches, they occupy less space in my ref and are not as heavy as glass containers.

Oreo Coconut Delight

Now this is a first. Being a country rich in coconut, we obviously have so many products that incorporate coconut in them and why not? Coconut has many benefits and uses. But Coconut Oreo??? Yup! They now have the coconut variant!

The fun part actually started when the bloggers were divided into cooking teams and got to use the new Mondelez products in different recipes, guided by Chef Rhenee of The Cookery Place. Feeling chef ang peg namin!

Our cooking team was a fun one. My friend Noemi was with me as well as the powerhouse Dreyfus couple (Yen and Chuckie) and a blogger friend, Winston.

We did the following quick items:

Oreo Polvoron (coconut-flavored)
Chicken Waldorf Sandwich
Dalandan-flavored Tang drink with Iced Mango and Watermelon Balls

As team work goes, Noemi and I took charge of the Oreo Polvoron. We took turns browning the flour over a low fire, mixed in the other ingredients, put them in polvoron molds, and wrapped them.

Ingredients of Oreo Polvoron: flour, powdered milk, sugar, butter, crushed coconut-flavored Oreos

Meanwhile, the Dreyfus couple worked on the Chicken Waldorf Sandwich. It helps that Yen cooks and has great plating skills.

Ingredients for Chicken Waldorf Sandwich: bread, grapes, lettuce, chicken bits, diced apples, Eden cheese, Eden Mayo
Our last concoction was iced Tang Dalandan. Instead of using ice cubes to chill it up, Chef Rhenee showed us how to make iced mango and watermelon balls. So easy. Using a fruit baller, make balls from the mangoes and watermelon, drop them in ice cubes, pour Tang Dalandan juice over them and freeze. When time to serve, drop them into freshly prepared Tang Dalandan juice and they act as ice cubes. Better still, unlike ice cubes that can dilute the taste of the juice, these enhance the juice because they're frozen juice as well!

So proud of the results of our teamwork. Just look at the presentation. Worthy of Blogger Master Chef ba?

Once more with feeling….the powerhouse cooking team with our Mondelez-inspired dishes!

You can find Mondelez Philippines at

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Eric Buenaventura said...

Without Eden cheese I can’t imagine my childhood look like... and you just made it really special in your own way.. I think it was my best buddy... I was a fan of this one for 15yrs and I want to share it with my sons and daughter of our future generations... I always purchase a lot of this buddy of mine in nice delivery service... thanks publisher for serving me and my family... :)