Sunday, September 27, 2015

Starbucks' Autumn Dash of Adventure brings new beverages, food items and an awesome Starbucks Card

Autumn is a time of change as leaves start falling in preparation for winter and eventual rebirth in spring. This is also the time when Starbucks comes out with its autumn offerings and hold your breath because here are their adventurous offerings for beverages, food items and a really awesome Starbucks Card that you should collect.

The Starbucks Anniversary Collection

The very first Starbucks opened in 1971, 44 years ago. In celebration of its anniversary, Starbucks launched several items as an anniversary celebration.

Below is the Starbucks Anniversary Blend created in 1996 to commemorate Starbucks' 25th anniversary. Paired nicely with it is the bronze and silver Starbucks tumbler.

And… not miss this collectible -- the Starbucks Anniversary Card. It looks like something I'd be able to get only in the United States but nooooo, it is available here in the Philippines!!! And you can get it for the usual load of PhP 300.

Once again, Starbucks introduces two new beverages, available till November 1, 2015. Both variants are available hot or as a frappe.

I already tried the Duo Cocoa Mocha - a concoction from duo cocoa sauce combined with steamed milk and Starbucks' signature espresso and topped with chocolate whipped cream, mocha drizzle and cocoa nibs sprinkles.

Duo Cocoa Mocha
The Dark Caramel Latte is made from dark caramel sauce with steamed milk and Starbucks' signature espresso too, finished off with whipped cream and caramel flan drizzle. I'm trying this one soon!
Dark Caramel Latte

And….of course new beverages would go great with new food creations as well.

Spinach Mushroom Frittata (PhP 95)

The Spanish Omelette Wrap is a tortilla wrap filled with egg, chorizo, ground pork, potato, tomatoes, and bell pepper. 

Spanish Omelette Wrap (PhP 160)

Breakfast cafe patrons will want to know that Starbucks is also offering four (4) breakfast items that are perfectly paired with coffee.

The Spam Jalapeno, Egg, and Cheddar on Rye Roll sounds like my favorite spam and eggs minus the rice -- something I will order on my next visit.

Spam Jalapeno, Egg, and Cheddar on Rye Roll (PhP 120)

Bacon, Egg, and Emmental Cheese on French Toast (PhP 120)

Farmer's Ham, Egg White, and White Cheddar on Muffin Bread (PhP 120)
Fresh button, Portobello and shiitake mushrooms make up the trio that go into the Three-Mushroom and Emmental Cheese on Vegan Roll -- topped with Emmental cheese. Just right for mushroom lovers.

Three-Mushroom and Emmental Cheese on Vegan Roll (PhP 120)
And for dessert, check these yummy treats…

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake is a dense, moist chocolate cake layered with crunchy hazelnut mousse, topped with chocolate hazelnut cream, and white and dark chocolate chips.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (Slice - PhP 130; Whole - PhP 1,195)

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie says it all - dark chocolate chunks filled with peanut butter cream in a chewy cookie.

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie (PhP 65)

We may not have autumn here in the Philippines but we can have an autumn leaf cookie - and eat it too!!! The Starbucks Chocolate Leaf Cookie is a chocolaty cookie that looks just like an autumn leaf. Must try one!

Chocolate Leaf Cookie (PhP 65)

Of course, the Autumn Dash of Adventure won't be complete without their Autumn blend -- a multi-region blend of spice, cocoa and herbs with medium acidity and full body.

Ongoing Promos:

Here's more. There are still ongoing promos for you.

1. Starbucks VIA Latte Wednesdays

On each Wednesday in September, get a complimentary stick of Starbucks VIA Latte (Caramel or Mocha) with every purchase of the new beverages in hot, iced or blended variants (Note: Good for Duo Cocoa Mocha or Dark Caramel Latte ONLY). There is no limit to the number of times a customer can avail of this promo within the day. This cannot be combined with any other promo.

2. Starbucks Reserve Exclusive Offers

Till November 1, 2015, those who purchase a Starbucks Reserve merchandise or whole bean coffee get these in addition:

a. Buy a Starbucks Reserve Mug or Tumbler - get a complimentary limited edition Starbucks Reserve coaster

b. Buy two (2) bags of Starbucks Reserve 250g Whole Bean coffee - get a complimentary 3 oz. Starbucks Reserve mug

The complimentary merchandise will be given upon purchase. Offer cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. Offer is good only at Starbucks Reserve Stores:
* Tomas Morato, Quezon City
* Eight Forbes Town, Taguig City
* Signa Designer Residences, Makati City
* Keyland Center, Makati City
* Central Square, Taguig City
* The Sapphire Blog, Pasig City

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