Thursday, November 26, 2009

HBC's Tatak Exclusibo Sale (Nov. 30-Dec. 8, 2009)

Last night, bloggers were treated to a preview of HBC's yearender sale from Nov. 30-Dec. 8, 2009 during which time, clients can purchase their products at significant discounts.

My girls have been buying HBC products in the past but frankly, I knew very little about it since I have been sticking to well-known foreign brands for my skin care considering I have sensitive skin and probably also hesitate to try new products.

But since the event was very close to my home, I decided to be adventurous and go to find out more about HBC. My girl C2 was with me and when we got to the HBC shop, we immediately began checking out the goods. I was not disappointed. Based on the short video that was shown to us and from going around the HBC shop for a first-hand look at what they were offering, I was delighted to discover the following:

- they carried hypoallergenic products
- their Allue line was just for tweens and teens, packaged in really cute girly designs (it made me wish my girls were little again)
- their body care line contains local ingredients known to be good for the skin like gugo, calamansi, henna and coconut oil
- their San San line is an anti-aging makeup line which also had SPF protection and vitamins!
- their price was very affordable (in fact, significantly less than the foreign brands I buy)

I still have to try the products I came home with last night but if they work for me, there is no reason I won't continue using these in the future. After all, being expensive does not always make a product that much better. And when we buy HBC, we are actually buying PINOY.

HBC is the leading innovative world-class retailer of health, beauty, personal and home care products and services with the best value. HBC has 200 branches nationwide. Call customer service at Tel. Nos.: 984-5555 loc. 228 or visit the website for more information

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