Sunday, August 8, 2010

Real Living Gives Small Space Storage Tips - in a Book!

My problem at home is always space. I can't believe how fast gifts and purchases fill up closet space.

So when my friend Fran invited me to the launch of Real Living Magazine's Real Home Ideas 5: Small Space Solutions which focused on what else -- small space solutions! I immediately said YES!

Knowing how to maximize small space really is an art in itself. Many times, we tend to fill up horizontal space and forget that there is such a thing as vertical space. Our floors and closets fill up quickly but if only we viewed air space around us, we can still actually fit more if furniture was designed to take advantage of the space ABOVE the floor or closet levels.

My girl and I went to the launch at Megamall's Atrium. There we were greeted by living room, dining room and bedroom sets done by 3 different designers who were challenged with a very tiny space to work with.

Living Area (by Frenjick Quesada)

Dining Area (by Kristine Neri)

Bedroom (by Grace Moslares)

Wow, look at those tiny spaces.  They were able to maximize the space to produce 3 areas! I think even a small bachelor's pad will fit these 3 sets in it.

There are more such ideas in the book Real Home Ideas 5: Small Space Solutions. The book is divided into three parts. The first chapter deals with different kinds of small homes and allows the reader to identify which type is most identical to the one he or she owns. The second chapter is all about small space tricks, which gives storage and furniture layout ideas. The third and last chapter gives tips on how a homeowner can go about renovating a small space and what to remember before retouching a small space home.

Real Living Editor-In-Chief Rachelle Medina says of their latest release, “Small homes are a reality for most of us these days, and this book will show you how to make the most out of the situation - from maximizing available space, and creating an efficient room layout, to choosing stylish but flexible furniture pieces. So whether you live in a condo, a studio apartment, a tiny, single-detached house, or a room in your parents’ home, you can still have a beautiful place, regardless of floor area or budget.”

The Real Home Ideas 5: Small Space Solutions book is available in bookstores and magazine stands nationwide for only P195.

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