Saturday, August 7, 2010

These Online Games Can Win You Free OREOs

Are you or your kids gamers? Oh, never mind if you aren't gamers. Do you love OREOs?

I do! And yes, there's now a way to get free OREOs and play simple online games to get your free packs.

Here are a few steps:

1. Head on over to first. You'll need to register an email address and provide a password. That way you get your first gift pack of OREOs just for registering.

2. Log in and on see the 2 games on the right side. To play, just click "Play Game" on the game of your choice.

3. Completing all levels of a game entitles you to free OREOs. An email will be sent to you. Print this out and claim it at the 7-Eleven branch you indicated.

OREOs has two fun games to choose from.

The first is Twist, Lick, Dunk.

There are 3 levels in this game. Drag the Twist, Lick, Dunk icons on the top to the "?" boxes in a certain order. Press "OK". That releases the OREO which travels from one block to another. Once it hits the "Dunk" button, an arrow appears and it moves in the direction of your mouse. Aim for the glass of milk, then press the key. You have 5 tries (represented by the five OREOs above). Trying again costs you one OREO.

I've completed this game already and earned myself another set of OREOs.

The second game is the OREO Bonding Puzzle.

The goal here is to get both mommy and child to sit down at the dining table to share OREOs. To do this, you need to drag objects to either the mother or son in a correct sequence to get them to sit down and share OREOs.

It's that easy. Start today and have fun playing while earning your FREE OREOs.

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