Friday, May 20, 2011

Carrier launches its Designer Series airconditioners

Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) has long been a known name in air conditioning. At a recent launch I was invited to, I heard the Carrier executives explain why they decided to open up a designer line and what its intelligent features were.

For the longest time, airconditioners came in just one color - silver. Then in recent years, some brands came out with shell-white framed airconditioners. After doing a customer survey, Jojo Concepcion (CEO of CCAC) said that they were surprised to find out that for women, the color of choice was....BLACK!!! 

Well, I'm not surprised. Fashion-wise, black is THE color you see for daytime and nighttime wear. Whether worn in a casual gathering or in a formal occasion, black does look nice. Why not have an airconditioner that comes in black? It would look good and add class to the ambience of modern homes.

Midnight Black, Twilight Silver and Winter White are the colors of this series.

But not only do these designer airconditioners look good. They come with features that not only cool all the nooks and crannies of your home but also comes with an 8-in-1 filter (whoa!) and is supposed to save you energy costs because of its built-in intelligence.

Here are some of those features:

1. 8-in-1 filtering system - I only have 1 3M filter now in one airconditioner while with the others, I regularly take out and wash the filter that comes with the unit. But these designer series units have not 1 but 8 filters!
  • Anti-mold filter that prevents molds and other fungi from causing allergies, infections and toxicity
  • Zeolite filter/activated carbon filter - a natural earth mineral which remove volatile organic compounds and bacteria
  • Vitamin C filter - neutralizes free radicals and converts active oxygen to oxygen, preventing the increase of melanin which is the cause of dark spots on skin
  • Catechin filter - a bioflavonoid in green tea with antiviral/antioxidant qualities
  • Super sterilizer filter - harnesses the power of the 3 other filters (Sasa, Bio-Enzyme, Gingko Extract) to alleviate allergies and keep your family safe from harmful germs
  • Sasa - a bamboo extract with bacterial and viral deactivation properties
  • Bio-Enzyme - helps eliminate bacteria, viruses and molds
  • Gingko Extract - reduces agents that cause allergic reactions

2. Run-hour timer - This is similar to your prepaid card. You can automatically program your airconditioner to run according to a monthly budget and target energy consumption. 

3. Econo feature - when room temperature reaches a desired level, the unit shuts off and the electric fan turns on (used together with the Energy Savings Plug).

4. Cycle timer - you can program your unit to turn on and off at 30-minute intervals for a maximum of 24 hours.

5. Auto on/off - you can program your unit to turn on and off at preset times.

They also come with diagnostic features that alert you if the unit is not cooling, stops when ice forms on the coils, shows an error warning when the sensor has an open/short circuit, delayed start-up in case of power outage, and even a reminder when filters need changing or replacing. They come also with a 5-year compressor warranty and after-sales service.

These designer units are about the same price as most current standard airconditioning units. Here are the SRPs:
0.75 HP - Php 18,700
1.0 HP - Php 21,900
1.25 HP - Php 22,200
1.5 HP - Php 25,500
The Carrier designer series is available as window-type units or standalone slim variant for businesses and establishments.

Carrier executives at the launch with emcee, Tessa Prieto-Valdes

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Anonymous said...

This designer series sucks.. I've been having problems with it since I bought, and what's worse is that they will void the compressor warranty because they said that the location of the aircon is very hot, which doesn't make sense, I wouldn't be buying an aIrcon if its cold