Monday, October 24, 2011

Add a PLUS to life with Enercal Plus

Do you find your days so busy that you hardly notice what you are putting into your mouth? Busyness and stress make a deadly combination for those of us in the urban jungle. We skip meals or eat unhealthy fast foods. We sleep late and wake up early. Stress constantly bombards and attacks our immune system, filling up our bodies with toxins that eventually manifest as illnesses.

Is that what living life to the fullest means? Of course not! And well, I can be guilty of forgetting to take care of myself at times too due to the things I have to do not just as a Mom but as a blogger too.

So it was interesting to find that there is a new adult nutritional supplement in town - Enercal Plus.

If you're a label reader (and I hope you are because the label never lies), then you'll be interested in seeing exactly what's inside Enercal Plus.

It's got antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E; zinc and beta carotene to combat oxidative damage by boosting and strengthening one's immune system; and macronutrients to support the body's energy needs. It's also high in Vitamin D which helps the body utilize calcium and phosphorus, which are important in bone maintenance. It also contains whey protein, a good source of essential amino acids needed by the body, is easily absorbed to provide quicker muscle repair. Enercal Plus has no transfat and its cholesterol content meets the criteria prescribed by the American Heart Association.

You can take a glass of Enercal with your meals or in between meals. We were made to sample it at the event and it tastes like soya milk, one of my favorite beverages.

Three of Enercal's brand ambassadors were presented to us and truly, each one of them was the epitome of a busy life.

Paolo Bediones is a broadcast journalist with TV5 and now anchors the late night newscast, Aksyon JournalisMo. As Paolo was describing his work schedule with just a few hours of stolen sleep in between, going from a morning show to tapings for his programs, running his businesses, performing with his band and supervising his soccer team, I was thinking -- MAN, when do you sleep?

I got to meet and speak with model-turned-actress and host, Angel Aquino. With tapings for her ABS-CBN drama series, "Maria la del Barrio" and doing other shows as well as indie movies and commercials, she still finds time as a full-time mom. In spite of all her work, she manages to look always refreshed. No signs of eyebags at all!

Jett Pangan, the third brand ambassador, is an icon in the local music scene. He fronts for a popular Filipino rock band, The Dawn, as a singer and guitarist. And he is part of the cast of the musical play, Next To Normal.

How inspiring that despite their marathon schedules, they are able to go around looking refreshed and energized. Well, of course, it helps that they now drink Enercal Plus.

I've got my own sample of Enercal Plus. You can be sure I'll be trying this out soon.

For more information on Enercal Plus, call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (99384) or the provincial toll-free number 1-800-10-884-2222.

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