Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reebok's EasyTone footwear and apparel is in town

A new line of Reebok footwear and apparel has been brought to town after its successful introduction in the US, Canada and other international markets - EasyTone.

I got to see firsthand what EasyTone was made of at an intimate dinner attended by a few bloggers and 2 of the brand's female ambassadors: Vicky Ras and Kassy Pajarillo. The other EasyTone brand ambassadors are: Nikki Gil, Bow Valdez, Rowena Aquino, Pearl Managuelod, Nina Terol-Zialcita, Betty Romero, Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou and Darlene Anderson.

EasyTone footwear has built-in balance pods featuring Moving Air Technology that transfers air in response to your stride, creating micro-instability with each step. I learned from some of EasyTone's ambassadors at the launch that it's this very instability that works the legs and thighs. The seeming imbalance the first time you put EasyTone rubber shoes is what allows your lower limbs to get worked up as you move about.

Kassy attests to EasyTone's workout experience. Being one who does not run but prefer walking, EasyTone footwear will be an option for me when I choose my next pair of sneakers. With an EasyTone pair of rubber shoes, I get a leg workout anytime - even when just shopping.

The EasyTone apparel features Reebok’s resistance technology. The unique placement and tightness of resistance technology hugs the back and thighs. The signature bands at the back of an EasyTone top are the signs of the resistance technology that hugs your back (for Easytone bottoms, it works the thighs and butt areas). More than just keeping your torso firm and toned, an EasyTone top helps you with your posture!

Just a note for you when you buy an EasyTone top. It is made to be comfy but tight-fitting and very snug. I tried one out over at Reebok's Eastwood outlet and loved both the short sleeves and sleeveless models (the exact same ones shown above). However, the tops hugged my torso so much that I literally struggled for some time to take them off. Even the store staff told me they usually gave clients extra time in the fitting room knowing this.

I asked Kassy if she had any tips. She said to just continue stretching your EasyTone top and eventually it will adjust to your body shape. You'll also eventually find the best technique to remove the top more easily.

Watch Nikki Gil in this TVC on Reebok's EasyTone:

You can find EasyTone footwear and apparel in all Reebok concept outlets and some boutique shops like Royal Sporting House and The Shoe Shop.

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