Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment and CND Shellac nail polish

Taming my naturally curly hair has always been challenging. I once tried rebonding. Never again!!! My hair was so unnaturally straight that it looked like walis tingting (wooden broomstick).

So I bought a titanium ceramic hair iron and would painstakingly iron my hair whenever I would go out to events where I had to look better than usual. But regular high heat applied to hair can be damaging. But more than that, I spend an inordinate amount of time ironing my hair. The sides are easy but the back is my biggest challenge! And I almost always never get it ironed the way I want it.

So when Azta Urban Salon contacted me about trying out the Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment, I immediately googled it to find out what to expect. Initially, I was hesitant to go through with it. If it looked anything like rebonded hair, I did not want it. But the different blog posts I read up on wrote about Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment as leaving their hair not just straight but naturally soft as well. I was ready to take the plunge!

Last November 19, I headed on over to Azta Urban Salon at SM Jazz Residences along N. Garcia St. (formerly Reposo St.), Makati City. I was actually quite early and most of the mall area was still closed so I killed time outside a cafe. At 10 AM, I headed on back to the salon and was greeted by their very friendly staff.

For posterity's sake, here's my BEFORE keratin treatment look!

Before we even started, Meg Lachica of Azta Urban Salon and Lynne Ona of Cynos Inside Hair Care took me through the treatment procedure.

There are 4 different Cynos Kerasilk bottles (aptly numbered 1 to 4) that are used with every treatment.

The Kerasilk Purifying Shampoo (#1) is a pre-treatment deep cleansing formula that not only clarifies hair deeply but also removes residual build-up. It also opens up the hair cuticles to better prepare for the Keratin Treatment.

The Kerasilk Hair Reconstructor (#2) is the actual Keratin Treatment. It eliminates the kink and friz from hair, leaving it straight, healthy and shiny.

Azta and Cynos Inside Hair Care had an extra surprise waiting for me -- cupcakes and a piping hot mug of green tea to keep me company (and full!).  And….. they had also printed out a fun photo I posted on Facebook a long time ago and put it in a frame. Everything was personalized. My hair was in their hands!

The cupcakes, the hot tea….and my photo in a picture frame!

First, they washed my hair with the Kerasilk Purifying Shampoo. Then applied the Kerasilk Hair Reconstructor. This was left on my hair for about 30 minutes to allow the formula to penetrate deep into the hair strands. Afterwards, my hair was ironed with a heated iron to seal in the Keratin Treatment so it would last longer. I was told not to wash my hair for 48 hours to allow the treatment to really penetrate and do its work. I also got 2 more bottles of the treatment, a Kerasilk Daily Shampoo (#3) and a Kerasilk Daily Conditioner (#4) which they told me I should use in order to make the keratin treatment last. If done according to instructions, this keratin treatment could last as long as 3-4 months, they say.

The final touch to the Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment - sealing in the formulation with a heated iron
My take-home maintenance treatment

Another take-home gift - Morocco Argan Oil for my hair!

And here I am with my hair after the Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment! I love it!

My soft, shiny, straight hair courtesy of Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment.
Thank you, Azta Urban Salon & Cynos Inside Hair Care

And that was not all!

While all that was going on, my nails were treated to CND Shellac. Those of you who know me know that I do not put nail polish on my fingers because I am a heavy laptop user and do a lot of physical work around the house. Nail polishes don't last 3 days with me.

But when I was told that CND Shellac was good for 14 days, I just had to put it through the test. Here's what they did.

Three different coats were applied to each nail: a base coat, the color coat, and a top coat. But wait. That's not all. After every coat, I had to put my entire hand inside this contraption called a CND UV Lamp to immediately dry and harden the coat.

After every coat, I had to insert my hand into this UV lamp

Here's what my CND Shellac-covered nails looked like right after application.

After 7 days of typing on my laptop and physical housework…it's still looking good!

Still looking like new!

…And after Day 10, the only thing that looks different is my new nails growing out. The polish is still intact! Galing!

I would have wanted to keep it for the full 14 days but my nails were growing too long and it made putting on and taking off my contact lens very difficult. So I was forced to have it removed. Remember, with CND Shellac, you cannot use ordinary nail polish removers as they could damage your nails. You need to have the polish removed by a reputable nail salon. They will wrap each nail with foam soaked in shellac polish remover and wrapped with aluminum foil. Like this.

My foil-wrapped nails

It's been two weeks since I got my Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment and I am enjoying the new freedom. I've washed my hair several times and just air dried it (without ironing my hair) and it's still soft, silky and straight! I can even step out of the house with wet hair knowing that it will still look good and straight once it's dry. Such a time-saver!

How much is the Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment? As of this writing, the prices start at PhP 2,000 for short hair; PhP 3,750 for medium length hair; and PhP 5,500 for long hair. As for the CND Shellac, it is PhP 600 for the hands and just a bit more for the feet.

I'm really so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try the Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment. No regrets at all. 

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