Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sneak Preview of H&M's 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

It's always exciting to get a sneak preview of the next season's fashion collection and being invited to take this peek at H&M's 2015 Spring/Summer Collection was my exciting event of the day.

I was lucky to get there ahead of everyone else invited. I had time to go around and slowly take in the collection.

For the Ladies

Glam. Laid back. Comfy. Cool.

2015's spring/summer collection will sport colors that remind you of the two seasons - pastels, Miami pink and peach, pale denim, summer white, green burgundy and dark blue. Silk, denim, jersey and suede fabrics will dominate this collection.

As for the styles, expect to see the following:
- draped pajama jacket and matching pants
- fluid pajama wrap jacket
- printed shorts
- wide-leg flared jeans
- oversized sleeveless tennis shirts
- tank top with cut-out back
- scarf-cut draped dresses
- long and short jumpsuits
- front-print T-shirts
- suede miniskirts with tie-dyed hem
- bandeau bikini

Flamingo prints on a top that is kimono-inspired

Black and white striped sweater will look nice on white or black pants

Brocade top over shorts and topped with a lampshade hat

Bold but classy prints on this top. This will look great over leggings or black skinny pants!

This soft pantsuit looks so comfy

Sexy black long-sleeved top and a sheer fabric blouse
A day and night dress in black and white

A navy-inspired balloon dress. Check that front dip and sexy back!

Comfy feminine summer dress in masculine prints

My personal casual favorite worn by a member of the H&M team --
a white 2-pc top and pure silk pajama pants

For the Men

The H&M spring/summer collection for the men comes in black, various shades of gray and white, and a surprising color contrast -- apple green. Cotton, leather, imitation leather, mesh, jersey, linen and nylon fabrics will be the striking focus of fabrics.

Some themes you'll see:
- fresh twists on classics such as a cotton denim jacket in black or white; a half-lined blazer in memory-effect fabric; a metallic or linen pilot jacket; a leather biker jacket
- futuristic look using technical fabrics. For example, an apple-green mesh zip-up pilot jacket; a sweatshirt in scuba-look fabric printed with sci-fi prints
- skinny jeans patched at one knee; cropped, tailored pants; sweatpants in jersey or imitation leather
- white poplin shirts with heat-sealed pockets; apple-green tech-knit sweater; scoop-neck or leather t-shirts

I found the leather jackets impressive in design though a bit on the heavy side but hey, I'm reacting like a woman. Maybe the guys won't mind.

I saw two male mannequins sporting very cool jackets but wearing skinny, cropped tailored jeans. I am not such a fan of the pants (I guess my fashion taste runs along the classic styles) but that may be the fashion now. I just think it fits a certain type of guy but won't go with all types.

Jackets over skinny cropped tailored pants

This scoop necked tee will look really sexy on a hunk, I bet!
H&M Footwear and Accessories

The look won't be complete without the shoes and fashion accessories so here are some that caught my eye.

Snakeskin boots!

…and snakeskin slip-ons!

Pretty black closed shoes and a fancy necklace

Beautiful black pumps with glass heels (a bit too thick for me though)

Pearl necklace

Knotted accessory set

Shell accessory set

There was a dressing room available just so we could try out whatever we fancied. I fitted a black and white short balloon dress and really loved how it felt and looked on me. When this collection comes out next year, I just may considering getting it.

Watch out for this H&M 2015 spring/summer collection. It will be available in H&M stores worldwide as well as online at from March 12, 2015 onwards.

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